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Could C-36 mean the end of lap dances?

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Originally posted 10-10-2014

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Originally saw this on TERB, from the section of the DoJ Technical Paper:Bill C-36 "b) Offences: Purchasers and Third Parties"
The following activities have been found to constitute a sexual service or an act of prostitution, if provided in return for some form of consideration: lap-dancing, which involves sitting in the client’s lap and simulating sexual intercourse;[31] masturbation of a client in the context of a massage parlour, whether or not the client climaxes;[32] and, sado-masochistic activities, provided that the acts can be considered to be sexually stimulating/gratifying.[33] However, jurisprudence is clear that neither acts related to the production of pornography,[34] nor stripping[35] meet the test. In most cases, physical contact, or sexual interaction, between the person providing the service and the person receiving it is required; however, acts for which consideration is provided that take place in a private room in a club and that are sexual in nature, but do not involve physical contact between the “client” and “performer”, such as self-masturbation, have been found to constitute prostitution.[36]
Oh Nooooo , Is this the death of the strip club, the ladies might have to find regular employment and also byebye to all the good clubs in Quebec and Ontario. That new club Gallery Show Lounge is going have a short life.
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    Originally posted 12-06-2014

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    Given the uncertainty of what this might mean for dances going forward after today, I made a brief afternoon trip to the 5 yesterday. Luckily, a couple of my long time favourite VIPs were around and available to go for dances. From what one of them was telling me, they are definitely wary of the new legislation. Some minor changes have already been implemented to make sure certain boundaries are not being crossed in the VIP area and there may be more coming. But for now, she tells me, the club will still be allowing the ladies to do lapdances.
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    Originally posted 12-07-2014

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    as has been said a few times here, the work we did was in the city of vancouver only so there are no guarantees in richmond, burnaby, mission, abby...etc....

    sounds like i should go to the no.05 as well to talk with them about not being too worried....

    hope everyone is alright and that this doesn't affect our xxxmas too much....

    love susie
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    Thanks for posting the relevant info about The Paramount, Hatrick

    Posted 12-15-2014

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    I talked to the management at the Paramount he said their lawyers went over it and for them it will be business as usual.
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    Posted by reverdy in the "C-36 Media Watchlist Thread" February 22, 2016:

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    Lap dancing deemed criminal: Montreal police crackdown claims longstanding Decarie Blvd bar

    Feb. 22

    A Decarie Blvd. strip club has lost its right to provide nude entertainment due to a 2011 legal decision that deems lap dancing to be a form of prostitution.

    The decision could lead to the demise of lap dancing here, after it had been considered legal since 2000.

    Montreal police employed a "source agent" to hire a dancer to perform four $10 lap dances at a Decarie Blvd. strip club in Nov. 2014 with the shocking result that the dancer allowed the agent to put his hands between a dancer's buttocks.

    The same agent requested other sexual services, to which the dancer said no.

    Although seemingly inconsequential at best and at worst ethically questionable, the incident forms part of the evidence which will likely lead to the permanent closure of the Sexe D'Or strip club.

    The RACJ boze booard ruling, signed February 2, suspended the bar's liquor license for 15 days and "refuses authorization for shows involving nudity."

    The decision notes that contact strip dances were legally permitted since Aug. 2000 but that permission was reversed at Quebec Appeals Court, which deemed that the act upset "public tranquility."

    The Supreme Court did not overturn the 2011 Marceau and as a result, paying to touch breasts, thighs, constitutes an act of prostitution.

    The application of that law would wipe out every strip club that exists, so if you own shares in such establishments you might think about dumping them.

    About 50 customers visit the Sexe D'Or on an average night, where up to a dozen dancers work, each making about $100 per night. The club also employs DJs, doormen, waitresses, barmaids among among other staffers

    Dozens of such establishments exist across Quebec. Their closures could have considerable economic impact on those employed at such places, and also diminish entertainment options for tourists and others who seek thrills at such places.

    The zealous police officer who led the fight against the club is 21-year-veteran Montreal police Lieut. Dominic Monchamp. He gives speeches about the sex trade and speaks to judges as an expert witness.

    He said that according to Canadian law prostitution is not illegal but paying for sexual services is, so anybody who pays to touch a woman's breasts or buttocks is now considered to be committing a criminal act.

    The decision makes no mention that police were involved in a an embarrassingly vigorous take-down at the club in 2010, which resulted in bad publicity for the squad.

    The bar's other misdeeds would not have merited the revocation of its license, compared to other such cases.

    The anti-strip club campaign might not help Canada's reputation as boring, which has kept many tourists from visiting the country.

    But it might at least give police something to do in a city which has seen crime plummet whjile police budgets continue to grow.

    Through the ages Montreal has seen a battle rage between forces that wish the city to be a party town and others which want it to be a devout Catholic town.

    Mayors like Camilien Houde (with support from Premier Duplessis) had the former vision, while Mayor Drapeau championed the latter.

    It would appear that our current Mayor Denis Coderre is also siding with the pious view for Montreal.

    In related news, the Chez Francis strip club in Dorval has also officially closed, as we noted was imminent in a recent post.