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This will not come as surprise to anyone as she has a slew of excellent reviews already, but I just thought I would chime in and agree with all the good press around Dilynn. She most certainly is a sexy little thing! Awesome boob job, with the cutest little nipples you have ever seen! She is quite pretty, very sweet and friendly, and seems to enjoy herself.

She was pretty passive when it was time to get down to the fucking, but I kinda enjoyed picking her up and respectfully man handling her. She seemed to like it, and seemed to like getting pounded as well. That's exactly what I was in the mood for, so I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have always found the rates very fair at CCE, I like the local, and the girls are generally a good experience. As always it's a YMMV thing, and there were a couple of girls/experiences there that were disappointing, but nothing alarming.

If a sexy little spinner is something you want to try, I say give Dilynn a go!
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