Class Choice

the lovely Georgia

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well i took a walk up the stairs at Class Choice, and i must say, the view from behind Georgia, is fant-ass-tic. nice ass if i say so myself

as always YMMV but we clicked and when you click, its usually a hit. well actually i think it was hit out of the park. Her pictures dont show how cute she is, and when you get on the bed, she becomes sexy and instantly horny.

she immediately suggested I remove her clothes, nice nice body on this gal, she gets hot and gets hot fast, and then she gets wet, and I mean real wet, and she loves to do the dirty.

we made a freaking mess of that room, at one point she was hanging off the bed ass up, body shaking in another orgasm, i lost count of hers, it was intense, , as I said when you click, you click.

the gal soaked the sheets, literally, guys if this is your thing, go see this gal, and turn her tap on, it wont stop.

i had her every which way but in the end went back to doggy and just put the blocks to her and she just took it hard and deep and vocal , i forgot to mention that, pity the poor people in the room next door, she was loud.

as I said YMMV, but we hit off, and got off, she more than I, Georgia, how many times do you think honey, 5 maybe 6 times, just follow her lead guys if you want to turn her tap on , she wont stop and just when you think she's done, slip it in and she finds another gear to complete the ride.

my conclusion, money well spent, i came clean, freshly shaven and finger nails trimmed and she appreciated the effort.

Looks, way sexier than pictures
attitude, sex bomb and nympho
service, out-fucking-standing
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