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the Lovely Tanis

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what can i say about Tanis that has not been said before?? good question.

super sexy, very passionate, great kisser!! slim build, as advertised. what i really loved was her ability to lay back and let me steer for a while, and clearly she enjoyed the trip, watching her body gyrate as she orgasms is a site to see. it was awesome how she grabbed the back of my head and pull me in tight to ensure i wasnt gonna slip off the magic button . this girl does not need much recovery time. it was hot, wet and juicy, and for a moment i thought , ill need a good wash after, i dove back in

and then it just got to hot for her, she sat up and pushed me onto my back(not a lot resistance) she got on top and just started kissing and grinding and licking and nibbling all over my body, her wetness leaving its mark every where she ground her hotspot into, she was on fire, till she found her target, skillfully put on a party hat and went to town some more, not really into BLS unless really clean and shaved but that didnt matter to me, she held them while i was buried in her mouth.

man she has a passion and appetitie about her, i didnt even get to main show, so watch out for her oral if you wind her up to much before hand. it didnt stop us from soaking the sheets just a bit more before i left, i said she can have multiples, right??

If you click with this giril, I cant see how your visit would be anything short of, faboulous, as always YMMV.

the hour went way to quick, and when it was done, we were sticky mess, and the bed looked like a couple of jungle animals had trashed it, a wet disheveled Topsy turfy mess.i reached down and she was still hot and wet , a quick lick and it was time to go.

thanks tanis!!
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