Elle Diablo

Elle Diablo

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I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Elle in Kits in early August
The visit was memorable, starting with a behind the door vision.
It was a warm day and she was naked, except for a pair of sexy shoes.
What a visual treat!
She is voluptuous with beautiful breasts and a very healthy and pleasant aura.
She is sexy, and appears to really enjoy herself
She is quick witted, responsive, intuitive and a ton of fun

I had no idea that figs could be purchased as fresh fruit.
I was entertained, enthralled and plan to repeat

She is a very sexy sensuos woman.
Her directions for location were clear, and she was very understanding regarding traffic.parking was easy.

I had emailed her prior tp coming to Van , but had difficicultuy pinning a time down
She was very understanding, and the afternoon was awesome.
Oh yeah

Did I say beautiuful breasts, that like to be played with? a great sexy kisser?
and a ton of fun.

It's wonderful to find someone with that much energy and desire.

she advertises here on perb and vancityads.

*** If you'd like to know if we could be a good fit, please visit my about page and perhaps peruse the site ... my goal is to put a smile on your lips, a secret in your mind and to fill your heart with pleasure.

Someday our bodies and minds may mingle ...
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