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So after not finding any reviews I ventured out on my own.

Elle is great lady and worth every penny. He photos are accurate but she looks younger than her pics would suggest. Her body type is exactly as her photos on her site.

I went for the hr at $$. Plus the extra for the panty hose I felt I should buy lol. For those of you wondering if the panty hose in her photos are crotchless .... They are now.

Elle is a vey smart and experienced SP with a whole lot of knowledge in the art of seduction and satisfaction. Everything is on the menu except Greek and CIM (I could be wrong on the last one, but Greek for sure) her bbbj is great and her DFK is to die for.

Having said all that, I would say she is not geared to a younger guy as she is more of a very erotic seductress as apposed to a 'wham bam thankya man' kind of gal. She has an intuitive nature that knows how to read what you want and can easily adjust with a smile. She makes you feel like someone special because she knows how to make a wonderful connection. She loves sex and is mature enough to roll with anything you want. And we did. She's got a great smile, a great laugh and a great hungry horniness every guy wants and needs.

Also, she has a real nice place, cozy and with candles. Remember when SP's did that? Top class Elle. See you again.

*** If you'd like to know if we could be a good fit, please visit my about page and perhaps peruse the site ... my goal is to put a smile on your lips, a secret in your mind and to fill your heart with pleasure.

Someday our bodies and minds may mingle ...
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