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just back from a visit with nyomi, and all i can say is the phone gal at CCE hooked me up with the right gal. Nyomi is cute, love the glasses, and easy to talk to, and her skin was so soft.

i had requested a gal who loves oral, and she did not disappoint. we got so carried away we (I) actually forgot about me ( almost)

she was very responsive and vocal to my skill. And by vocal i mean very vocal. i believe that is was genuine, as her body thrashed and contracted whenever we hit just the right spot. the two back to back were incredible to experience, no recovery time and damn near no time between them.

she has beautiful breasts, and natural to boot, they were bigger than I anticipated. she is a big girl, toe to toe, she was taller than I expected, and I loved the way her butt jiggled just that little bit as we went up the stairs. I must say she has a beautiful bubble butt

after her magical ride on my face, she insisted to return the favour and out came the hat, and she showed off her oral skill, mmmmm silky smooth is all I can say.

we were both a little sticky and wet so we hopped in the shower before the time ran out, in hind sight I should if rubbed one out in there too, but at the time i was thinking straight.

she was what I wanted, she was what the phone gal said she was, and I (we had a great time, didn't we Nyomi?).

Hey Nyomi, lets try and break that Big "O" record next time I come calling. I'll be sure to shave twice that day, so we are both silky smooth and you can ride as long as you want!!

See you soon sweetie
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