Elle Diablo

Follow Your Heart's Desire ...

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You set your sights on something you like ... perhaps it's the curve of a thigh or a smile from across a crowded room, the rise and slope of a voluptuous breast or the slight caress of her fingertips.

You must have her, touch her, taste her ... breathe in the sweetness of her.

You close your eyes and you can feel her close to your body, skin so soft and supple ... curves so fitted to your hands.

You imagine how her mouth would feel, so moist on your cock ... how it would feel to have her legs straddled on top of you and the insides of her thighs grinding against you, so close ... her breath warm on your neck and ...

You wonder.

Elle Diablo 778.889.4004
[email protected]
* in(call) Kitsilano * outcalls considered *

Mondays thru Saturdays 11ish - 10ish
* scheduled date not necessary, but recommended
* 30-60m notice appreciated
* 15m tardy w/o notice date is cancelled

Rates starting a 140 - please follow link for more info
* erotic massage sessions available *


A Physical Description
measurements: 36G - 33 - 42 busty, curvy, voluptuous
height: 5'6ish
hair: long, dk brown
eyes: sultry, brown
lips: pouty, pink
complexion: smooth, olive
skin (texture): velvety soft
age: old enough to know better, young enough to not give a shit
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