Julia's G-Cups in Yaletown

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Long time lurker on the boards, thought it was time to contribute. Generally love the big-titted gals- slim, curvy, chubby, bbw, mature- whatever- just love huge boobs!
Decided to see Julia (she's still Juliette to me) a couple months back. This would be the 4th time in the last 8 years or so. Her hair is now quite short and she's put on some weight- remember when she had the long flowing locks and hourglass figure?- really hot Mediterranean stuff back in the day! Now, definitely a cuddly girl.
Called her in the morning to set up a nooner, let her know we'd hooked up before. Same upper Yaletown location, easy street parking midday Rang up to her condo, she met me at her door wearing brassiere and nighty with her huge rack on full display. She recognized me right away and leaned in for a gropey hug and some nice deep kissing. She turned her back and ground her round full ass into my stiffening jeans while I reached around and fondled those amazing jugs. Then it was into her bedroom where she started her writhing little dance up against the wall while feeling herself up, rubbing her muff and giving me the sexy stare. "C'mon, show me that hard cock" " You wanna taste it?" "Fuck yeah!" This girl loves the dirty talk. Onto her knees, dropped my pants and right into some deep, sloppy, drooling head. Lots of slurping, BLS, stroking and eye contact- my cock right down her throat, my hands all over her bra-restrained orbs, her hands on my ass pulling me deep. "Keep it up and I'll be blowing all over your face!" " No, I want that load on my tits!"
I backed away and she shimmied up onto her bed. Took off my shirt, peeled up her shift and then slowly lifted the front of her bra, letting her heavy cans pop down and settle into place right at cock height. Fucking amazing tits! She took my bone in her mouth again to work up more saliva, spitting into her cleavage, and pulled me in for some great thrusting action. More drooling head and tit fucking then I was on my back on her bed with her straddling me, oiling up her boobs then leaning forward and dragging her shmebes up and down me, up into my face for licking and sucking, me mashing them together and thumbing her hard nips. She started rubbing her wet pussy along my shaft, pushing her pillows into my chest while I grabbed onto her plump ass and ground away. "Let me get a condom" she suggested, but for me it was all about the funbags today- "Uh Uh, Hot Stuff, I need to let it go all over you this time" I slid her off me, then off the bed up against the wall to her knees, her hefting her greasy rack up to meet my throbbing meat. Plunged in for a few more strokes then " OK Baby, you finish me off" "Mmm, fuck ya, let me do it" She gripped my cock with one hand, supported her jugs with her other arm and started jacking me off. In no time I was blasting thick load across her tits and onto her neck. Holy Fuck, this was one for the books! The last few dribs down onto her belly, I sat back on the bed, knees aquiver, while we both admired the fresh paint job. "Been awhile?" she winked. " No, it's all about you hon" Nothing wrong with complimenting a girl, right?
Off to her shower while she mopped herself up and put on a house coat, then we had a smoke and chatted awhile on her deck.
Julia loves to talk, and has some pretty strong opinions on a lot of subjects- might not be every guys cup of tea. For me, whatever. The woman just let me drench her in cum- if she wants to blab for 10 minutes afterwards while I smoke it's no skin off my back.
So, the half hour was $120, was there about 45 min., no rush. Looks: 8-9- Early forties, thick thighs and big ass with a narrower waist. MASSIVE Hoots. I prefer curvy girls, and she has a pretty face and smile; Service: 8-9 She has always been enthusiastic with me; Attitude 8- She can talk a lot, but I know her act so doesn't bother me.
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