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Jasmine @ CCE

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I always hate to post about the women I really like, because then they get busy and hard to see, but I have a standing playtime with Jasmine so I'll break my own rule. I've been seeing Jasmine weekly for the last six months or so, which is likely about as good as a review as I can give right there. She has a really nice body and incredibly soft skin, but an AMAZINGLY creative sexy mind. I'd say her attitude is her major differentiator in a business filled with attractive women. She truly loves sex, is incredibly responsive, multi-orgasmic and very creative. Her lingerie and toy collections are extensive and she is open to lots of different role plays and activities. To be clear she is ultra safe, nothing uncovered, but that's a good thing in my mind. She loves bondage, toys, strap-on, duos(MMF/FFM), sensual play and can roll with everything from heavy dom type sessions to being your high school sweetheart. I think that's why I've enjoyed seeing her for so long as we just keep switching things up each week based on what we feel like. I think the key to enjoying your time with her would be to know what you are looking for and talk her at the start. I'd equate her to a high end sports car, you need to know how to drive to get the most out of her :-) She might not be your type if you don't care for taller women, in heels she's close to my 6'2". Unlike some tall women, everything is very well proportioned with Jasmine and her butt is just that perfect handful :-) I've seen a lot of SPs over the decades but for me Jasmine is pretty special.
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