Angeles Raids

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LA Bob on Phillipines-Addicts posted the following article on the background of the Angeles raids. He gave permission for it to be posted on other boards.

If you sign up to PA (it's a free site) the link to the thread is here:

Other people on the board noted some patterns:
- All the bars that have been raided in this round of raids have been Korean owned
- There is a world economic forum coming, so there needs to be the impression that someone is doing something
- Obama arrives today
- No customers have been detained - only bargirls

Here's his post:

Several years ago I was in Angeles when some raids occurred. A bar-owner friend of mine was of the opinion that Korean mobsters were behind the raids
in an effort to run the Westerners out of Angeles. He said the cops were being paid by the Koreans to raid the bars and by the bar- owners not to raid the bars.
He was partially right. At the time I smelled the influence of the US government. Money and influence was and is behind the raids but not from the Koreans.
Since that time I have read and heard all manner of theories and opinions with respect to the raids. I have come to the conclusion that what is going on in Angeles
is more dramatic and dangerous than most people realize.

Angeles has become a battleground between two foreign forces. On one side are the Angeles business interests. The people who own the bars, restaurants, hotels,
condos, and other assorted enterprises that cater to the mostly Western and Asian tourists who visit Angeles. On the other side is the International Justice Mission ,IJM,
and some smaller players of the same ilk.

Not much is written about the major players on the Angeles business side. It is often stated that most of the businesses are foreign owned. The investment in Angeles is open
and substantial. In addition to the big hotels and numerous bars there are huge condo complexes being built near Fields and on Perimiter Road. Despite the optimistic talk
with respect to the Freeport Zone, that will not support those businesses. The Angeles business owners need the foreign tourists to protect their hundred million dollar

Much has been written about the IJM. The IJM needs publicity because it depends on charitable donations and grants of public money. The IJM has been
successful in its fund raising efforts. It currently has tens of millions of dollars in its bank accounts. The IJM raises money by telling the world it is fighting "human trafficing"
with a heavy emphasis on trafficking of children. The IJM has sveral offices in the Philippines including Pampanga. The IJM has laid down the gaunlet in Angeles.
The goal of the IJM is to close the bars down in Angeles. This of course would destroy the value of the Angeles business -owners investment in Angeles.

The IJM is an American based operation that is the latest manifestation of a long American obsession with the commercial sex trade. At the turn of the last century American
Christian and Suffrage activists helped create the public belief that young American women were being kidnapped or otherwise forced into prostitution by foreign cartels.
One result was the White-Slave Traffic Act or the Mann Act, which was passed in 1910 and is still on the books. This law was based upon a premise that had no factual support
whatsoever. The modern version of white-slavery is human trafficking and with respect to sex is based upon essentially the same premise.

The IJM was founded by a guy named Gary Haugen, who is a very scary fellow. Mr Haugen is a fundamentalist Christian who belives it is his mission to spread the word of God
through the police powers of the state. The IJM only hires people who believe in a certain fundamentalist version of Christian theology. They are first and formost Christian Missionarys.
The IJM receives substantial funding from church groups. Most of the IJM attempts at conversion appear to be in third world countries. In order to fund its activities the IJM
needs publicity to attract donations. Virtually all of the IJM stories it puts out contain the same buzz words. The operations are always deemed rescue missions to rescue children
from human traffickers. The IJM website cotains many pictures of children the IJM claims to have rescued. Mr haugen's operation also places an emphasis on arrest and prosecution of
the traffickers.

The IJM found a patron in the Bush Administration. The IJM helped pass new trafficking laws in the US and lobbied for changes in US policy to tie US aid money to foreign
trafficking laws that fell in line with the wishes of the IJM. Thus the new Philippine trafficking law. With US Government money and private donations including $5,000,000
from Bill Gates the IJM set out to spread the word of God at the point of a gun. Mr Haugen and company missed the point that Jesus never needed a policeman or an army
of lawyers to spread the word.

The IJM has been heavily criticized for its tactic of using police raids to "rescue" victims of trafficking. Much has been written about the failed IJM raids in Cambodia.
As I have no first-hand knowledge of those raids I will talk about a raid I do have some knowledge of. From the IJM website. A story about a raid in Angeles occurring
on October 11, 2013.

The bar that was raided was the Carousel. I knew that bar well and some of the people who worked there were friends of mine. The Mamasan was an old lady the girls
called Mama Bernie. The story would be a joke if it were not so sad. It describes the raiders as a "rescue team"and the raid as a "rescue operation". Although the IJM
claims in its publicity stories to be rescuing children, no children are mentioned in the story about the Carousel . The story doesn't even claim the raiders "rescued" any minors.
The story talks about "young women". So who was rescued? The story gives no names and no specifics of the results of the raid. The story says the"rescue team" including
"IJM staff were collecting evidence and securing the crime scene until 3:00 in the morning." I have a vision of a bunch of dopey religious zealots with Sherlock Holmes magnifying
glasses looking for a clue.

The story says trafficking charges were filed against 12 suspects but I have not been able to find any confirmation of that anywhere. What did happen is the "rescued" girls were
taken away and brutalized until released and at least one old lady spent some time in jail. And the IJM calls this a success. At least one published story reports a young girl was
raped by a raider in an earlier raid. I hope Bill Gates is proud of the way his money is being spent in the Philippines.

The IJM story is significant in that it sets forth the plans the IJM has for Angeles. The IJM Director of Operations for Southeast Asia, Blair Burns, declared it was the IJM intent
to rid Angeles of what he termed lawlessness. "Reinstating the rule of law in this city will not come without a fight, but it can come." Unfortunately, the rule of law means something
entirely different to the IJM than what it means to most civilized people. Concepts like due-process, the presumption of innocence, and just the simple concept of fairness mean
nothing to the IJM. The IJM needs a big victory to entice more donations and government money and has set its sights on Angeles. The Philippine police agencies are just tools
in the battle between the IJM and the business-owners. The girls and others who work in the bars to the extent they are hurt are collateral damage. The tourists are caught
in the middle.

The Angeles business-owners are up against a formidable enemy. The IJM has millions of dollars of US Government and private money and the active involvement of US police
agencies such as Homeland Security. The only evidence of any clout on the part of the business-owners is the fact the raiders have for the most part not arrested the customers.
You can be sure the customers are not left alone out of any sense of decency on the part of the IJM.

Where will this end? Hard to say. The IJM is not likely to give up and the business-owners cannot walk away from their muti-million dollar invesments. In the meantime those who
want to visit Angeles are walking into a war zone. The situation is fluid and could change at any time.
Best of luck to all.
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