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Rowan, Dilynn and Veronica - CCE

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I sometime visit CCE, not that often. I am relatively new to the hobby but am glad I found it as I am really bad at reading women's signals due to some personal issues. Anyway, that aside - this girl is amazing in every way. Very intelligent, very beautiful and very open minded and relaxed. She also seemed to greatly enjoy our session - I hope as much as I did. I saw her a few weeks ago and we really seemed to click. Share some common interests. She's an animal person if you are too that will be a great topic to put you at ease if you are the nervous type.

Anyway I will be seeing her again as soon as I can.

I've also seen Dilynn. I actually tried to book with her but she wasn't available so I ended up with Rowan. Dilynn is sweet and sexy and also very good at what she does. A duo with her and Rowan would be a guys dream come true, at least this guys anyway. That said, I am glad I ended up seeing Rowan as we seemed to click pretty well - more than I do with most.

Veronica I saw very short notice somewhat spontaneously. She's really nice and very attractive. But we did not click quite the same way. Very lovely girl though and I think no one would be disappointed after seeing her. I don't want to give too many specifics but she's pretty stunningly skilled at what she does.
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