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I thought I would start my blog to keep a log of reviews and interesting (to me) threads.

Mila 9076 Review

Highly recommend

The Perkiest Natural Boobs thread:

At this point, I noticed a lot of my older reviews were missing. Not sure as to why, perhaps there was a DNR that I was unaware of and then there was the "weebly girls" of whom I saw a number of them.

Kewt Kylie from Nanaimo who met me at my hotel in Victoria for a very memorable night

Serina Treat - I've repeated with Serina three times so far. Awesome lady!!&highlight=

Natalia Bijoux - RMT quality massage with very happy ending. Super nice lady too

Talisha Cruze - what can I say? Gorgeous woman, oozes sex, loves sex, intelligent and a hell of a lot of fun too! Repeated 8 times and have seen her 3 times with one of her duo partners Nina Mori. BBB does love supporting students in anyway he can

A Natalia Bijoux Redux review

Seductive Cameron review from her first tour to Vancouver. What an afternoon! I loved having sex with this energizer bunny!

Sasha Carmelle - IMHO one of the beautiful women ever to grace the escort scene in Vancouver. Very nice friendly person too! Repeated twice and I am well over due for another visit with this awesome lady

BBB breaks his Duo Cherry with Talisha Cruze and Nina Mori. This was the first of three duos we had together. They are the creme in my coffee

First date with Sweet Bree and what an amazing time too! Repeated twice more after this date and I will definitely see her again

First date with Blonde Brynn and wow what a great time! I have repeated 12 times with Brynn since she just keeps getting better

Jesse Jewel from ERS. I have seen her once but is definitely on my list to repeat with sooner than later.

Renata Wilde - 20 something SP new to the biz and a lot of fun! Repeated once more with Renata. She is very much a sweet GFE experience!
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    Lady Kay - tall, lean, uber sexy, sassmouth who should be on any pooners to do list!

    Serina Treat Redux review

    Alix Turner - what a babe and bring your A game with Alix! Awesome provider and fun too! Repeated once and definitely will again

    Scarlett Sweet! Amazing GFE experience and I will definitely repeat

    Violet - Gut told me to book her asap and wow was I right! I will definitely repeat again and again.

    Kimberly Capri - What a hot date! I will definitely repeat with this sweet lady!
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    Honourable Mentions about ladies I have visited many times in the past.

    Lorena Flores - Another plus petite spinner in her 20's. I had numerous wonderful afternoons with Lorena. I never had a chance to say goodbye but she is definitely etched in my brain.

    Canadian Born Chinese Cindy - So nice but oh so hard to book. Love to see her again

    Kamryn - tall, blonde, lean, sexy and loved sex. Definitely liked it a bit rough and man oh man did she pull out some nice MSOG's on me!
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    Hard to believe I first saw Janis in 2011!!

    Well overdue for a repeat and she was just amazing to be with too

    Haylee aka Chrissy from BBC days now at Spa540. Ever in a pinch during the day and Haylee is on shift at Spa540? Go see her I have numerous times and will do so again and again. 30+ year old 5'0" spinner who know how to rock the cock.

    Then known as Taylor Heaven and now Taylor Fairchild. I saw her back when she was Taylor Heaven three times. Twice were really quite good and the third, meh not so good. Perhaps its time for a repeat? She is hot and she loves sex. The squirting is amazing to experience!
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    Erica Obsession - must have been going through a lazy period and never reviewed my time with Erica. I recall it was a very pleasant rainy day afternoon with this very intelligent, sexy woman. Must repeat

    Golden Estella - Wow, saw her once in Yaletown and 60 minutes turned into two and one half. She was amazing and if you kept fuelling the fire, she would just keep going! Nice mix of Persian and Indian perhaps? Sexy woman who was definitely in this industry because she loved sex.
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    Anybody else remember Samantha Stits? She was Craigslist girl back in 2006. Cute, petite say 5'2" great body say 34C 24 34. Saw her a few times and it was after my venture into Asian Micro's. Very nice girl who I guess was a bartender by night and SP during the daytime. Sometimes she would be asleep til 2 or 3 PM but was a fun girl to play with plus was enjoyable to talk with too.
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    BBB's Asian Micro Adventures. Not to be compared with tantalizeme's whatsoever but it is my contribution.
    I used to visit their micro on between near Robson on Jervis. The Yoyo, Ada and Jojo SP's were located there and I saw each lady once. Then I repeated with Yoyo and damn, the place was full of bedbugs and I got bitten all over my neck and shoulders. I ended up throwing away some nice clothes and learning a lesson.

    The only other time I visited an Asian Micro was in and around the same time but with a girl who advertised her self as a "big Titted Asian". That was the only part of her AD that was true. haha. Probably the worst SP experience of all time. She detested BJ's and even covered it didn't get any better. She was totally untouchable i.e. don't touch my tits, don't put your hands on my body, don't try to put a finger inside me. Eventually she said for me to put my cock in her and fuck her. For those ladies who know me, I am a pretty reasonable guy with my requests and my attitude. I can honestly say with this lady it was an anger fuck. I showered, got dressed, told Mammasan that her girl was a WOT / WOM and she should find someone else. Mommasan took down my number and promised to make it up to me "soon". Sucker born every day and never got a call or text. She hung up on me the last time I called her.
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    I was reviewing my Victoria reviews earlier tonight. For some reason Yoko Anna is no where to be found. Pretty sure I posted one since IIRC it was a very stellar time I had with Yoko. I realize she is no longer being an SP, her memory is still there with me. Luckily, another SP cancelled on me at the last minute prior to a trip to Victoria. Yoko was happy to take the 90 minute date and we had a great time together. Yoko at the time was working for CCE as a pseudo Independent prior to her going full Independent in Victoria and touring in Western Canada. Yoko's 90 minute routine was showing up in a nice Kimono, a joint shower, Nuru bath/ rubdown on the bed together and another joint accompanied shower. Then the fun began with a CBJ, usually a CG and Doggie. Sweet young Japanese SP, great attitude, loved absolutely loved sex and was amenable to many positions and open to various sexual things. Truly a Gem who was very highly regarded in Victoria and Western Canada. I really enjoyed being with Yoko.
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    Vannah!! 9005 Group

    Excellent time with this 20 something young lady. She is very chill and loves to please and be pleased!
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    The Wonderful Ms Peyton Anders in Victoria!

    Great way to end a road trip to Victoria
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    The highs n lows of Pooning

    Feel free to add your comments to my blog

    The highs seem to far outweigh the lows mostly. Let's say my 100% satisfaction rate usually runs at least seven weeks out of eight as a rough estimate. The one week in eight may consist of BBB blue balling himself and failing to pop that sucker and hit the ceiling or not achieving the wood required for the task at hand haha. Bummer, shit happens but I know from experience that the cure for what ails me is hopping right back in the saddle and getting back in my groove again.

    The highs also have their lows attached to them too. What I'm thinking is the amazing high achieved with some really great sex and then the reality sets in that it's over for this week and it's back to sleeping alone again. I love spontaneous sex during the night, in the early AM, bumping into each other in the hallway and making out in general.

    Could I be setting myself up again for, wait for it, BBB wants a GF again? I was in a LTR for 10 years. Initially it was amazing for quite a few years. We had a definite connection mentally and physically. I am about 10 years older than she was and I noticed her libido dropped off significantly compared to mine in the final three years of our LTR. That's when I returned to this hobby and would usually seek out SP's in their late 20's to late 30's. That seemed like the sweet spot that worked best for me.

    Interestingly enough though, I have found the occasional early 20 something SP who are comfortable being with me and we have hit it off quite nicely together.

    The lows are usually pretty simple for me to diagnose. Typically, I call it having too much shit in my head. Thinkin about biz, thinkin about what else I have accomplish the rest of the day and the like. Then there are those trysts that just don't work. We both could be in other places mentally and when that happens the physical part just never really gets off the ground. This doesn't just happen with a first time visit to an SP either. I have had some awesome dates and returned repeatedly. Once in a while the act itself is forced. I made myself laugh recently when I got back in my car, I looked in the rear view mirror and said "BBB, WTF just happened in there? It was like two monkeys with Tourette's making out in there!" Totally a recipe for disaster. Neither person's fault but a fucked up situation for sure.
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    Ah the sexy and lovely Miranda Abbott! Awesome lady
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    Deirdre Malloy - Sexy! Petite, yoga type athletic body and full on hot GFE!
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    One of the most exasperating things that can happen is a Sudden Cancelation. No reason given because there was no response back, no text, no email, nothing and it was a Waste of Time. What the hell happens between the "confirmation" text or email and you are at the incall location? Then you are parked and on your way to the incall and you get dead air? Its one of those anomalies of life that I wonder about for about five minutes then move on.

    It was my impression that SP's like to have repeat business with a select few clients they can count upon in a month or every two months or so? Its like money in the bank because you can count upon pooners like myself who will be there with cash in hand and a hard dick.

    I used to have a three strikes you are out rule. Now its one W O T and I am outta there.

    : rant over :

    Carry on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by badbadboy
    Deirdre Malloy - Sexy! Petite, yoga type athletic body and full on hot GFE!
    I've repeated with Deirdre since my first review and as they say, "it only gets better"! Another wonderful afternoon exploring each other and finding new ways to stimulate our senses. Deirdre is so natural and sensuous that at no time does the thought that this is a service ever happen. She's yet another gem whom I've had the pleasure of meeting while on this journey
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    I've spent many an hour cavorting with the delightful Blonde Brynn. This time out I thought it would be nice to see her for an extended hotel date including some room service too.

    It's always a great conversation with Brynn because she can discuss many subjects in an intelligent way that it's easy to use your time having an interesting conversation. Well, that wasn't the only reason I invited her to a hotel. I totally lost track of time as we rolled about the bed savouring each other orally, with sensuous touches and a finish that literally curled all ten of my toes for minutes afterwards.

    A few cocktails, some more enlightening conversation and then it was time for her to catch her cab home again.

    Truly a memorable date
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    Second date with Violet was such a wonderful evening together at a local hotel.

    Meeting Violet was literally like having a mini vacation away from the incall. We frolicked all over my suite, by the window to enjoy the view unknowing if others would be checking out the view of us together. (Not possible since I went back to see for myself)

    On recollection, Violet brought a hot little black dress to wear in the suite. BBB never gave her a chance to get changed into it and we played continuously for a long time before we were both a hot sweaty mess. I had one of those "oh wow" moments that evening.

    What followed was some nice room service and then laying on the bed just having a nice conversation. You know those cuddling, soft touches and quiet conversations.

    Truly a wonderful person who is as open and honest as you will ever find. Violet is now on my 2014 ATF list after two visits.
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    The Tale of the Little Black Cocktail Dress

    Violet's such a great date and like they say, it only gets better
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    New adventures, new playmates and some very hot experiences.

    Miss Mani - What a fun, sexy and hot date! Whoot, can't wait to repeat
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    Teena Blacque. Why did I wait so long to see this absolute babe? She is the creme in my coffee
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