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Gemma @ CCE, all I can say is Wow!

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So I've had the privilege of seeing Gemma four times before, each time was steamier and more passionate. I emailed the agency on this past Wednesday to book a 1.5 hour appointment for Thursday to see the sexy girl next door Gemma. The phone ladies at CCE were great help in answering all my questions, as per usual. Unfortunately, the day of the appointment CCE emailed me telling me Gemma was took the day off because she was under the weather. But the phone ladies were accommodating to say the least in trying to make the appointment occur on Friday afternoon instead.

So Friday after work I show up at the front door of the agency. Was greeted by one of the phone ladies (sorry I always forget their names :P) and welcomed in. She said Gemma was just finishing getting ready for our appointment. As she called out her name, Gemma came flying around the corner with a huge smile on her face and jumped into my arms. That smile of hers lights up her face and eyes, it made my heart skip a beat or two. Her blonde hair was down from her usual up do's, a request made by me for today. No matter if her hair is up, you can see that toned shoulder line and sexy neck or with her hair down, which frames her beautiful face...I was content. She was wearing a black tank top and jean skirt showing off that those toned curves. She grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs, with a happy bounce in her step, where we chatted about how she has never worn her hair down all the times we've seen each other. As soon as we got into the room and the door closed, we said our hellos asking if I really wanted to stay an 1.5 hour. Her eyes lighted up when I told her I would most definitely want to spend that time with her. It never seems to fail that the time flies by when I'm with Gemma and that knock comes oh so quick. We pulled one another close to each other, kissing like we haven't seen each other in weeks. Gemma's body feels fantastic holding close as our lips lock slowly and passionately. Her skin is soft and silky, allowing my fingertips to slide effortless over. She smells of soft flowers, like you're in a field of wild flowers (not too overpowering) We broke our lips apart every once in a while so we could give each other a smile and catch our breaths. She ran headed down stairs with the donation and returned with a glass of water. As soon as she put the water down on the table she jumped on the bed and kneed in front of me. She wrapped those toned arms of hers around my neck and locked her lips on mine. All I can say guys is that she is a fantastic kisser who enjoys slow passionate make out sessions. I could have easily made out with her the entire hour and a half.

So I am not going to do the play-by-play as it's not fair to Gemma plus it's YMMV and kind of private between two consenting adults :P But the highlights of this date were some pretty memorable moments. She enjoys it when a man can satisfy her without having to tell him what to do, from foreplay to performing oral to know exactly what spots to hit during the hots times between the sheets. Plus when she orgasms, it starts from a low mumble to a high roaring eruption. She tries her hardest to keep the excitement inside but once you convince her nicely to release that beautiful orgasm, it was such an amazing turn on to hear her cum over and over again. I finished with an orgasm that made my legs shake well after I came, something that a woman hasn't done in a VERY long time. All I know she brings out the best in me in the bedroom. After a hot, passionate and erotic time together: she remained on top of me so that both our sexual bliss could envelop one another. We chatted as we cuddled and snuggled. Gemma has an amazing sense of humor She made me laugh so hard with her quirky sense of humor I had tears in my eyes. You know that's her true self coming through when a woman feels comfortable making jokes while in post coital bliss. (Yes I said coital :P) We spent the entire rest of the appointment (15 minutes) cuddling and chatting about everything from plans for the long weekend, my work/career to bad dates. We got dressed still chatting about camping and other things. We kissed what seemed like for another 15 minutes after the first knock when the second harder knock came. Oops :S She took me down stairs and we were both in an after glow of our encounter. We must have kissed goodbye for what seemed like an eternity. I said my good byes and asked her if I can see her again. As I opened the front door, she pulled me close and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I have ever gotten. I take it from that response she wanted to see me again. It's those Spidey senses of mine. I left with a big smile on my face, a bounce in my step as I made my way to my vehicle. I am still thinking of her and tasting her lips on mine.

I feel comfortable and a sense of trusting when I'm with her. I can be myself and that's hard to do 98% of the time when you only have an hour with someone. The more times I have seen Gemma, the lower my guard becomes. She makes you feel totally at ease and you can easily get lost within those eyes of her if you stare too long. Gemma definitely gives, if not the best, girl friend experiences in Victoria. From her amazing attitude, professional top notch service, flawless personality, and those girl-next-door looks. Don't ever change! Thank you CCE for finding this amazing mermaid in this sea of fish and thank you Gemma for making me feel like the only man when I am with you. Hope this memory doesn't fade anytime soon.
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