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Dear Clueless Client

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Thanks again for all the pictures of your throbbing penis! So nicely photographed, and from so many different angles too! Boy oh boy, those sure are some big muscles you have too! Shoulders, chest, abs...the whole package! Wow! I guess maybe you're right, and I SHOULD make an exception to my 'what I do takes time:1 hour minimum' appointment' rules! Come to think of it, you are 100% right, and I AM overcharging for my services....what man in his right mind would want to pay $200 for the services I provide???? By all means, come back when you've got the time (or the money) to visit for an hour so you 'get your $200 worth'...I sure wouldn't want a catch of a visitor like YOU to get away....

In sarcastic love,
Ms Erica