Playful Alex Review - March 2014

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I know this review will at times sound like i'm gushing like i'm an twelve year old boy but i don't care and won't apologize for the way this lovely lady has made me feel over our session.
First off a little about myself,been a somewhat lurker on this forum off and on for a few months now adding comments here and there but never a review .....until now!!!

I will now break my pooning review cherry.
I've had my eye on Playful Alex for some time now visiting her website, reading her blogs, but never had the money,time or courage to actually take that final step.
She has written about going into retirement which worried me, then i saw her ad for Lover Training on ERSL, i thought now or never. I could always use a refresher.
After a couple of days of email exchanges, an appointment was set up.

I will tell you now during those two days of email exchanges i got very little sleep. The excitement of finally meeting Alex was too much.
Finally the day came, Christmas morning! I bought some white wine after work and headed over to her place.
I buzzed her number at the designated time and up i went. Friends, to say i was nervous with excitement is an understatement.
I stepped off the elevator, see her door ajar, enter, stepped in, turned around and Hello!!! A beautiful blue eye blond hair curvy figure dressed in white bra and panties.
Greeted with a hug and a kiss she says " Nice to finally meet you, I thought you might like white." I nodded speechlessly.
I took care of the donation,we sat down and drank the Pinot Gris which i so clearly needed to calm my nerves and excitement. ( Oh by the way did i mention that this was my first Girl Friend Experience No? Hmmmmmm). We chatted for a few minutes then she offered me a shower which i needed.
Once i stepped out of the shower in my beautiful robe, she recommend that we start off with a massage to get to know each other better.I disrobed, lying face down on her bed .After a few minutes of chatting while giving me a nice massage, she suggested i give her one.
The pleasure i felt massaging her beautiful body was heaven. After that, we started on the Lover Training ( class was in session) I won't go into any further details but just to say that the whole experience was absolute bliss.
It's been six days since our encounter and i'm still relieving the memories over and over in my head. I left her place feeling like i was on cloud nine, floating along the streets back home.
She has nice cozy place which has a great view of English Bay ( it was a sunny beautiful day ). We talked about her new place, the awesome view and the decision to move to this location which in my humble opinion was a win/win.

As for Alex herself well ... it's true what has been written about her in past reviews. She classy,sweet,sexy,smart and loves to pamper,a beautiful person inside and out.
Gentleman, do yourself a favor and see her before it's too late! I'm glad i did. I'm glad i made a new friend.
Thank you Alex mu-ah.

Let the cries of Shill begin.