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I'm not good at it...I don't do it well, and past a certain point I do it very badly.

Take today as an example. I had an appointment set with someone (NOT A CLIENT) to be at my home this morning at 10 am. They aren't here yet. Unfortunately, my day cannot proceed any further until they have come and gone, and the later they get, the more annoyed I become. The last time they were supposed to be here, I waited over 90 minutes past when they were supposed to arrive...and had to put off clients to do so.

I do not like turning people away because other people do not have the courtesy to show up when they say they are going to! Not only do I have to stall my clients, but my tenant downstairs has to stall HER clients (she is an esthetician, and a GOOD one...) too, so all of us are sitting tight, and feeling antsy and annoyed while the minutes tick by...Is a simple courtesy phone call too much to ask? At 10 minutes past the appointment time, you call and say you're running late. At 30 minutes past, I am going to be pissed off enough to ask that you please schedule your visit for a time you can actually GET there...and not 'Close to a time when you feel it's convenient to inconvenience ME'! If I were waiting for a client, I'd be slightly annoyed. If I were waiting for a service provider, I'd be PISSED!

So it's now nearly 25 minutes past the appointed time, and my temper is flaring. You've seen my temper flare; it's not a pretty sight. My Irish is coming out, and all I can say is CLEAR THE DECKS and batten down the hatches!
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  1. toeindaline's Avatar
    Ms E, you must tell us how it played out
  2. Ms Erica Phoenix's Avatar
    Oh, it played out as a ridiculous shitshow! The day got crazier as it went on!