Newbie Tips For Having A Great Experience With A SP

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I wanted to take an opportunity to write down some "tips" on what I think makes for a great session with a SP you've never seen before. If you are a veteran hobbyist or an experienced SP, this information is nothing new to you. I get a lot of newbies on PERB asking me for advice and tips for some of the ladies I've seen over the past while. I also chat with SPs onto what matters to them, no matter if they are new or are already established. Face it, meeting someone new and getting them to 'click' with you in such a short amount of time isn't always easy, and some feel disappointed that their session wasn't as good as it could have been. That being said, if you are a new hobbyist or SP and needed some advice, here is my 2 cents, in no particular order:

Tips for the new client:
1. Be polite and courteous when meeting someone new for the first time - Be 'professional' on the phone, friendly and to the point. If the SP seems to be rude towards you, take the high road and clarify what you are asking them or simply decide not to meet them. Abusiveness gets you nowhere. I set up an appointment on the phone as if I am talking to a female co-worker at the office.

2. Read the ad carefully - Some SPs have very detailed and specific ads, some do not. Read through them all the way, as there is a lot of things on there that they do not want to go over with you twice. If the ad is vague, try to come up with specifics with them when you call or text to set up a session. Do not assume! It is way better to do this than to show up and expect services that you did not agree on.

3. Be clean - I mean clean! Aside from respect, you can never be too clean for these ladies. When in doubt, always yield to cleanliness. Hygiene with body, teeth / breath, below the belt especially. Remember, they've never met you and in order for them to treat you well, they do not want to be put off in any way. I personally get ready as it was like a 'first date' that I want to make a good impression on.

4. Do your homework - I can't stress this one enough, everything is not always as it appears. There are many reputable girls that are fabulous to be with, but unfortunately, as with most things on the internet, there are scams, misrepresentation, deceptive photos, and just plain bad attitudes. Many pooners on PERB use the "spidey sense" to try to read between the lines. Safety is important too, so use your big head over your little head, and get out of there is the situation is dangerous. Money is less important than your health.

5. Respect - Probably number one in importance no matter what in terms of your attitude. Lack of respect puts SPs either angry at you, or worse, fearing for their safety. Both of these things are not good! Sometimes people may not mesh well when they first meet, and you can have an awkward situation, but make the best of it. Go with the flow and keep it light. Do not ask them a million questions, especially about their personal life, and don't expect them to answer them. Respect the lady, their time, and body and you are likely to be in their good books for next time.

Tips for a new SP:
1. Be clear in your ads - Having more info is better than less info, and it will also cut back on potential clients who call, ask a million questions, and then may or may not book with you. Granted there are always going to be 'that guy' that doesn't get it, but for more experienced gentlemen, we all know how this works and want to know what to expect when meeting you.

2. Accurate photos - There is nothing worse than being drawn to an ad and finding out the photos are fake. It is the all time pet-peeve when searching for an SP that I would like to visit. You don't have to be a professional photographer either, and it's fine that you want to remain as anonymous as possible. Clear photos, good lighting, and moderately recent (as in the past few months) goes a long way. Honesty is the best policy in my opinion and your clients are more likely to repeat if you are being upfront with them from the get go.

3. Be clean - Same as the point above for the new client. Cleanliness is huge for us both! Always be clean before the next client, believe me, we can tell. Most of this may sound like common sense, but you would be surprised how many girls get complacent. Most guys will not repeat (nor recommend) if you are not clean. This also applies to the incall. The cleaner, or at least tidier, the better. I get that no one can make it perfect all the time, but doing little things at the start or end of your day is a huge plus (especially the bed!)

4. Time management - Time can be tricky at times, but communication is the key. If you are late, going to be late, there is an emergency, or have another client who overstayed, the sooner the new client can be informed of this the better. You want guys to do this for you, so it works both ways. Back to back appointments are never good. Everyone is rushed, and as far as I know, no guy wants to see a guy walking out as he is walking in! Try to stagger the sessions so that you can clean up and have a buffer zone of time so that there are no problems.

5. Try to have the best attitude as possible - No one can have a good day every day. I also get that some guys are just not personable and are hard to 'read'. I remember when I was starting out, I knew what I wanted, but was a bit intimidated at first. Newbies are just trying to do their best. It can be nerve wracking for us too, so try to bear with us. Keeping things fun, promote light conversation and positivity & assertiveness goes a long way. Do the best you can - for some, the service is just as important as everything else.

Anyway, most of this is known by everyone on here, however even if a few people find this helpful, it can contribute to a great and memorable session. Be safe, have fun and good luck!

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    maybe fred zed should sticky this post! good job girth-brooks
  2. girth-brooks's Avatar
    Thanks Cherise - it's a short version of some broad topics, but hopefully it can help people that are simply "new".
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    Thanks for sharing the information. It makes lot if sense and I agree with you completely that respect, being clean and safety are important for both client and sp
  4. badbadboy's Avatar
    Such a great post Girth!

    I've never seen it before and it covers all bases for everyone from new to experienced pooners and SP's.

    felixthecat pointed me in this direction from a 411 thread

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    I suggest the blog entry by girth-brooks: Newbie-Tips-For-Having-A-Great-Experience-With-A-SP
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    Thanks - Even though I posted it awhile ago, I made it as a 'starting point' for people interested in this hobby.