escorting is empowering

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lately there has been a lot of media attention on the sex-trade. most would have you believe we are forced into this ,or do it to support addictions. while this may be true for some (mostly at the street walker level), many like myself do it because WE CAN!

how many people can say they work in an industry that has no employer ,little to no start up costs, work when they feel like it ,get paid to play,eat at the finest restaurants ,stay at the finest hotels, meet exciting people.

not to mention what it does for a girls ego! there are charming men from all walks of life that are willing to spend their hard earned dollars just to spend a little time with you.

sounds perfect ....sign me up!
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  1. TenderLover's Avatar
    Very nice Cherise!
  2. girth-brooks's Avatar
    I find that being a client has been empowering as well. Since taking up the hobby in late 2012, I have found myself to be far more sexually knowledgeable, confident, and far more comfortable and myself around being around the gorgeous women that we are lucky to have around BC. My health has also improved. I have taken on a new fitness regime (to have more stamina, energy, etc.) and my stress and day to day anxiety has dropped dramatically. I guess it works for us guys too. Thanks for the post.
  3. cherise's Avatar
    thanks for adding the hidden benefits from a guys perspective girth-brooks!