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I have always had a fantasy of being with an older woman. Maybe it all started with a crush on a highschool teacher or one of my mom's friends at a very young age. I don't know when or how this fantasy started but one day I was looking for a mature woman to spend quality time with. I have come across many ads and have been treated well and in a lot of cases, very poorly by the women. I finally came across an ad by PlayfulAlex and sent her an e-mail which lead to a quick response. The communication grew to a pleasant question and answer session over a 2 week period. Yes that's right; I said 2 weeks. I am shy and get very nervous and anxious. I knew with her sweet tone that I should book an appointment. Boy was my gut correct. The moment that the door opened at her place, I felt like that kid again with butterflies, light headed feeling...a feeling like I would pass out. Looks wise, she was everything I would and do crave. Personality wise, she was above all expectations. That first session was above all my wildest dreams and or expectations.

I continued to keep in contact and continue to visit. PlayfulAlex shares the same passion of fitness as I do and we share some great talks before, during and after the sessions. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking or fun, sweetness, honesty, and a down to earth human being. PlayfulAlex makes you feel at home and is so sweet. She has made a special place in my heart and deserves the best in life.

I don't look at any ads or go to anyone else for a great massage since I first visited PlayfulAlex. Once you get the best, no one could ad up to PlayfulAlex.

Check her out on

Her rates are worth it: Quickie 80 (15 min) Half Hour 125 Hour 180

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