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Tall, slim, build for the gym, Jasmine has it all

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Happy 2014 fellow perberts!
I've been under the microscope after serving my probation, and had to devise a way of withdrawing cash from a shared account without arousing suspicion. That confession aside, here comes a long-overdue review. I reviewed Jasmine on the CCE website, but not all readers look over there. So, let's begin at the door. Ask to go downstairs. The dungeon has the best bed in the house, because it's the least-used. Don't let the cold concrete floor put you off, it will warm up in a jiffy. Now to the lady. She's tall, has curly hair, and dark knowing eyes. Behind those eyes lurks an inquiring mind and a great sense of adventure.
She's new. Not just to her work name, as some of you have seen ladies reinvent themselves under a new name in a new town, trying to pass foe newbies. She started in October. Ah, such wisdom in one so young! How a twenty-something learned what she knows in such a short time is a miracle. She is carnal, vocal, and indefatigable. Mick Jagger got it wrong in singing, "I'm going red/My tongue's getting tired." My tongue never tires and besides, I know how to move my whole head, if that should ever happen. You will not regret going down on such a sweet, tiny morsel. Another reason for recommending the dungeon is that she knows the rest can't hear her upstairs. I did say, vocal above. DATY welcome. Digits, if clean, also welcome. Everything is safe, safe, safe.
If you have been looking for that rare combination of talent and class, then this is her cumming out party. I have no regrets in sharing this information, because she is too much woman for one mortal man. All her clients are 45 years old or older, and all are very happy. She may have set the record for the shortest recovery time between orgasms. Absolute zero. She can have one after another after another, and has never once told me to stop. Eat healthy, work out, and stay young my friend.
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