sexy adventure with Playful Alex

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At last I got a chance to see Playful Alex after exchanging emails for about two weeks. As our schedules did not match. I also read her thread that she is semi retiring and seeing only people she have been seeing I was a bit disappointed but finally I go a day off and asked Alex and yes she was available. She was quick to respond and she even mentioned she is keeping her commitment which was very nice of her.

So I went to see parked my car and buzzed to her nice place. She was wearing a very sexy dress which shows off her great body.The view from her place is spectacular. It as raining in the day but when I reached her place it was nice and sunny. To my surprise she even offered me a alcohol beverage. I do not drink a lot but when she asked I could not refuse. I did not regret it as it was our first meeting and I was kind of nervous and the drink made me at ease. I have booked a 90 minute session as I read her reviews and she like slow and takes her time which is my preference too. So we started talking and sipping the drink and without noticing we were touching each other and kissing. Everything was on the menu what I was looking for. We kissed a lot during the whole session which is a turn on for me. After a quick shower we got undressed and onto the main menu. I was ready was daty and so was she. She lied down and with her experience she advised me how to improve my skills. She was a great at talking which I really enjoyed. She also has a mirror and she invited me to see our naked bodies in the mirror which was funny. after the daty the cover was on and she gave a great bb while I was still playing with her pussy. after that I was on top of her and we did doggy and she climbed over me and she gave another bj before I ejaculated. that was a great fun and I felt like on the top of the world. we chatted and than she gave a message and I was hard again and she was wet and played with her pussy again. She was dripping wet and she mentioned that she came twice during the session and that she was so wet and she was wondering she might have to take a shower too. We still had some time so we just sit there and enjoyed our drinks and talked a bit more and enjoyed the view from her place.

I had lots of fun and would like to thank again. She even texted me after the session which meant great deal to me as it shows that she cares about what she does.

Thanks you so much Alex and I would love to see you again.
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