Ms Erica Phoenix

Confessions of a Cougar Call Girl: PERB EDITION

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We'd chatted several times in the chatroom on PERB. We are both people who excel at verbal communication, and so the foreplay started long before that first phone call. I knew he was smart before I'd heard him say a single word, and he had a smooth friendly manner on the phone that had me giddy as a school girl; I'm not sure why. There is a confidence to him that reminds me of 2 men from lives gone by. Both of them made me giddy (and horny as well!)

He had told me he was tall, he claims: I didn't remember that when I was standing behind the door. He slipped inside the door, all 6'5" inches of oh my goodness of him. For once, I WANTED to leave my heels off. At 5'8", I don't get to feel tiny very when I get the chance, I do! After we'd gone up the stairs, and we'd danced and kissed and he'd wrapped those large and oh so very oh my goodness agile fingers around me and he had me panting in minutes. In hindsight I think it's a good thing we stuck to only (only, Erica?) two hours, because three hours might have killed me! I slipped out of my t-shirt and yoga pants into a pair of panties I knew he'd admired...and the matching babydoll nightie that went with it. He stayed fully dressed for a long time; he had me naked in no time. In his hands I melted; I came hard against his mouth repeatedly and often. He came deep in my pussy while I rode him cowgirl; I begged him to cum on my breasts as I ground myself against his face in my favourite style of 69...

Book anytime? Absolutely, TG2.
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