4. Maria - Social media pickup

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After the amazing Bianca, I was all enthusiastic about going back to the well for more. Maria was a girl who had been chasing me online, saying hi every time I logged in and showing a nice banter in her chats. We switched to phone chat, and after I told her that I was staying in Makati, she said that she had just been hired in a new job in Makati doing in-room massages. Could she come see me? I would be her first customer.

The hotel reception called to let me know that Maria was waiting for me downstairs. I came down to pick her up.

First impressions were good - she matched her online pics - but a scraggly toothed smile - Mental note, avoid DFK and be careful with BJ.

The elevator ride was a long one, and Maria was clearly nervous. "Hi how are you I'm doing well the traffic was so bad Am I late? You just got back from work right? Do I look OK? You don't look like I thought you would you're taller The reception girl is really nice I was worried they would kick me out This is a nice hotel How long are you here for?"

The torrent of verbal diarrhea continued in the room... "Wow really nice room you have your own desk Is that your computer, You're my first customer, See my ID they just gave it to me, This is my new company, they gave me this card a few minutes ago, do you want to have a massage now?"

"Yes please"

She fumbled with the massage 'kit' that her company had given her - a cheap vinyl toilet bag containing some wet wipes, a bottle of massage oil, and a supply of condoms while I grabbed a towel from the bathroom for the bed.

Maria slathers some oil on her hands and proceeds to massage my back. Easily the worst massage I have ever had and consisted entirely of her pushing her fingertips in random locations on my back while never letting up on the effusion of inanities.

"Maria, how about we have some fun?"

"OK I'm sorry I don't really know how to do massage they just gave me the kit Its my first day I'm sorry I'm not very good you want to have sex?"

"How much?"

"They told me I must give them P500 for two hours and I should ask you for P3000 but most customers would only pay P1500 but that's OK I don't mind because I'm not good Can you pay me P2000?"

"I'll give you 1500, OK?"

And bam, she's naked. Still talking. I'll spare you.

Maria (sorry no pics)
Face: Not unattractive, but not my cup of tea.
Body: Light skinned, Toned, curvey, with B cups and long nipples.
Age: 25-ish
English: Fluent would be an understatement
Service: She tried hard
GFE: She's better as a pen-friend

I lie on the bed in submissive pooner mode waiting for service. She's kneeling next to me still talking. Something about where she's from and her brothers and sisters, and her five year old daughter. I tune her out and concentrate on her body. She's actually a very nice MILF. Firm B cups, not a hint of stretch marks on her stomach - does she really have a 5 year old? - Smooth satin skin, and a bush that hadn't seen scissors for a while.

She climbs on top and terrifies me with a very off balance attempt to start things off in ACG. Her legs are buckling on the bed, junior is capped and has no sense of depth or anything; she's guiding while teetering around on the bed and explaining how many buses she had to take to get to my hotel from her home, which is two cities away.

Penetration is just not happening.

"Maria, how about I give you a massage?"

So a reset and a little bit of silence as her mouth was muffled by the pillow and I worked some oil in her back. I'm not the best masseuse either but I have a clue... ... and she did have a very nice tight bod to play with. I flipped her over on her back and started off in a gentle T-bone position.


Just the gentle sounds of the bed moving.

But silence. I've never felt so good before - she was wet now, silent, and I could concentrate.

Over to doggie, and a good finish.

We clean up, and lay back down on the bed to chat. Now that the 'job' is over, Maria is talking at normal speed, and is understandable. She took this job because they had to put her teenage brother into rehab for drug abuse. The family has sold everything they own to pay the bills, and so now she has to do this job.

Her new 'company' apparently does nothing more than issue her an 'ID' card and give her a bunch of massage oil. She has to pay them 500 per customer, 1000 for overnight, and they don't even do any marketing. She has to hustle on the street.

Maria, fancy massage ID or not, is a streetwalker. I give her the 2000 she originally asked for and she's off on her way.

The next morning I get a text from her at 6 am. "Can I come see you again - I had no customers all night - I need the money" But I had to work, and then there was a trip to Subic on the way. I told her that I had no time, but if I had another night in Manila before my flight I would call her.

I never did see Maria again - I didn't spend another night in the city. We did chat - she was never able to hustle any customers at all, and eventually gave up. I chatted with her quite a bit - her and her phone on the street.

She'd found someone to look after her kid for the week, and thought that she could come to the big city and make enough to solve all the family problems. Unfortunately she just got scammed.

I have kept in contact with several of the women that I met on this trip, but not Maria. I hope she's doing OK back at home. She's courageous and admirable. I hope that the brother's expensive rehab works and the family sacrifice was worth it. I hope. But I don't believe.

That was the only real downer of my trip. Subic here I come!
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  1. tantalizeme's Avatar
    Brilliant review, sparkling with humor.

    Incredible patience on your part with a rank amateur. But you showed her some gentlemanly kindness for which I admire you.

    I also admire you for the quality of your blog. A wonderful contribution, brother.