3 Taxis, Casas and Ladyboys

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tant's amazing thread about his Philippine adventures, and since it has been well received, and Tant asked... ...here's repaying a bit of the entertainment I've received.

I'm no equal to Tant's fine prose, so I will try and make it up with a few pics.

I decided to try out Perb's blog feature, and so will post all of my stories here- not in the lounge.

One reason is because I do have pics. All blog entries with pics are 'contacts only' soon so that the blog is not open to the internet. If you want to continue to have access - friend me.

1. Michelle, my belle*
2. Bianca, the best of the trip*

3. Taxis, Casas and Ladyboys (this article)
4. Maria - Makati
5. Kylah - Subic*
6. Julie - Puerto Galera*
7. Bianca - Redux

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This article was in the Lounge, but I have copied it here for completeness.

3. Taxi's, Casas. and Ladyboys

Ladyboys, scamming taxi drivers and new punting grounds - it's more FUN in the Philippines!

Lost passport.
I left my passport in a taxi. I know I did because I had it in my hand when I got in, and didn't when I got out. As soon as I noticed I went running, but the taxi had already left. The hotel was great - running security tapes to get a pic of the cab, leaving messages for a manager who never responded, and then yesterday the cabby showed up with my passport. It was just in time, as I was going to go to the embassy to cancel it and get a replacement.

He had not received any messages, the cabbie said. He felt SO bad for me that he didn't take ANY fares for TWO DAYS and spent it running around the city going to all the places he could remember just because he felt SO BAD for me. But he used TWO TANKS of gas, and he has THREE KIDS to feed - pics to prove, and his boss is mad at him, and he might lose his job.....

Would PHP3000 shut him up?

That would do fine. I was just glad to get my passport. Lesson learned.

Hooker houses
Of course now the cabbie and I didn't have anything to talk about, so of course we talked about women. He said I was spending too much money in Makati and could do better elsewhere. Like THIS place - which we JUST HAPPENED to be driving by.

Well the reason that I got away with only PHP 3,000 (actually more like 2,780) was that I had squirreled my 1,000's into another section of my wallet, and was giving him ALL I HAD. I'm hungry but his kids are more important. I WOULDN'T EAT TONIGHT.

Two can play at this game.

I couldn't just magically find hooker money now, so I said we'll go back tomorrow. No, he said, just take a look...

What the hell - a rundown building - through a rusty gate to a covered driveway with a broken down bike strewn about, through another door - and we're in heaven - I would guess 30-40 WG's ranging between 5's and 8's lining the walls on couches. This place must do quite a bit of business. Taxi guy had told them I had no money and was just looking.

We asked for pricing and was told 4,000 LT. Both taxi guy and I were surprised. In the cab he said it should be about 2,500. They were overcharging me. He knows better places in Manila.

No thanks, enough adventures for tonight. Back to the hotel.

And Ladyboys
Out for a walk and a drink, and an amazingly hot girl offering a massage for PHP500 with extras available. Up to the room and she said "You know I'm a ladyboy, right" just at the same time that I was thinking "what big feet you have".
Looks that are too good to be true -- sigh (Sorry, no pics, it was an, um, close shave)
So I just chatted for a while - never really talked to a LB before - she was 5 years old when she decided she wanted to be a girl - and never looked back. Family was supportive. Hasn't had the final surgery yet.
Did I still want the massage? Sure, what the hell - it will just cap off the day. Damn good massage, lots of strength in those fingers!
On the way out she smiled and said "I'll call you when I get a pussy".
Thanks. I'll wait by the phone.

Face: 5/5
Cost: P500 + P100 Tip
TER: (Tant Enjoyment Rating): FREAKY
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