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Feeding my Inner Fat Girl

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Food pr0n old school..

So tonight, it's porchetta again. I thought I would share how I prepped the meal rather than just popped a picture up...

The roast is a nice pork shoulder blade roast, rolled & tied, seasoned skin on, and it couldn't be easier to prepare. I just heated up the oven to 450 and popped the roast in for 30 minutes. That gave me 30 minutes to do the sauce.

Chopped half a large yellow onion very fine while waiting for the pan to heat up for my sausage. I prefer mild Italian pork sausage to ground beef for my spaghetti sauce. Keep in mind that this is the 'puttanesca" version of red sauce with sausage & onions, foodie purists! I squeeze the sausage out of the casings, and lightly chop it. Then I fry it until browned, and remove it from the fat onto my cutting board. I use the sausage fat to caramelize the onions so they get lightly browned. (Admittedly, they do occasionally get SLIGHTLY more browned than I would like!) I chop the cooked sausage very fine, and then I finish it with the onions. I dump in a can of Hunt's Pasta Sauce (Original/4 Cheese) and season with dried herbs...cook the pasta al dente...

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