2013 PERB Year In Review

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girth-brooks's 2013 Year in review

SPs that I saw in 2013:

1 Roxy Raw*
2 Alexxx Stars
3 Charlie Lynn
4 Lady Via
5 Tiffany 9005*
6 Christine*
7 Cute Cuddly Chloe
8 Blonde Jersey*
9 Kali Kaos**
10 Brandy Luxxxe*
11 Isabella 9700**
12 Sexy Sandy*
13 Lolita Star
14 Crystal For You (Visiting from Montreal)
15 Tiffany Black (Visiting from Toronto)
16 Tasha 9005

**retired, oral session only

Roxy Raw (once)
Tiffany 1045 (once)
Brandy Luxxxe (twice)
Sexy Sandy (twice)
Lady Via (3 times)

Top 3 Best Looking: Tiffany Black, Tiffany 1045, Roxy Raw

Top 3 Best Service: Sexy Sandy, Lady Via, Charlie Lynn

Top 3 Best Attitude
: Tiffany Black, Sexy Sandy, Jersey

Best Body Spinner: Cute Cuddly Chloe, Roxy Raw
Best Body Natural (Healthy): Charlie Lynn, Tiffany Black

Best Breasts (Natural): Tiffany Black (Runners up: Crystal For You, Charlie Lynn)
Best Breasts (Enhanced): Sexy Sandy (Runners up: Tiffany 9005, Tasha 9005)

Nicest Ass: Cute Cuddly Chloe (Runners up: Brandy, Crystal For You)

Best BJ - Overall: Sexy Sandy
Best BJ - Deep Throat: Lolita Star
Best CBJ: Lady Via

Top 3 Most Romantic (i.e. classy & stylish: appearance, attitude, incall, etc.): Blonde Jersey, Sexy Sandy, Tiffany Black
Top 3 Most Feisty: Brandy, Lady Via, Alexxx Stars
Top 3 Most Professional Overall: Tiffany Black, Sexy Sandy, Blonde Jersey

Not my type, didn't click/Wouldn't repeat:
Isabella 9700*
Kali Kaos*

Thanks to all of the ladies I saw - you are all unique in your sessions.

Special thanks to all resourceful PERB contributors

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