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What Do All The Letters Mean?

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A certain young lady in a local establishment I frequent (Let's call her Sunny) asked me a funny question the other day. She told me the story of a girl she knew having accidentally been outed as an escort to quite a wide percentage of their high school grad class. Someone had 'accidentally' linked her escort website to a social media page in her real name. There was no real harm done, apparently, but it raised a lot of questions for Sunny. She said "We couldn't figure out what all of the letters meant! It was a bunch with B, and some Ms and Ss...Could you explain it?" So I did.

I told her that BBBJ stands for 'bareback blowjob', and what no CIM/COF meant (Cum in Mouth/Cum on Face)..As I was explaining it all, I thought a lot about why I don't use acronyms in my advertising, although I will certainly use it in my tagging! If I reduce everything I offer to a very simple list of menu items, I attract the sort of client that wants a very simple list of items. They want to spend 15 minutes or less, and under $100. No disrespect, but that's simply not a suitable client for me. First of all, it usually takes me at least 15 minutes to greet you with hot, sweet, deep wet kisses while your hands roam across my slender soft curves. I often like to spend a few of those minutes swaying back and forth to the music while we kiss and caress, learn each other's rhythms. Then I like to kick the heat up just a bit and dance for you, only for you. Help peel me out of the clothing I've carefully selected for you and see which set of lingerie I have selected for our encounter...if any.

Likewise, I don't like the GFE/PSE designation, because that's just another form of menu and set of predetermined expectations. Again for the unitiated, GFE is Girl Friend Experience: some of my regulars call that 'Good Old Fashioned Sex'. PSE is Porn Star Experience, or 'Good Old Fashioned Sex PLUS Toys/Anal'. Does a gentleman assume that Full GFE includes BBBJCIM? Or that PSE includes MSOG & Greek? (There's those damn acronyms again!) Personally, I like to have an adult conversation over the phone about what a client expects from me and what my boundaries are. For example, ejaculating on my face (or CIF, if you must) is a STRICT no-go non-negotiable, for two reasons. One, I find it degrading; and two, if you had ever taken a shot straight in the eye, you'd understand. I was 20, and very near sighted, and my First Ex-Husband (then First Serious Adult Boyfriend) was getting a very enthusiastic hand job and...well...I was too close to it when it went off....straight into my eye.(Ever gotten pinkeye from a small protein deposit on a contact lens? Like THAT times infinity...) So no, that won't be happening. Also, condoms. Not negotiable. My pussy, my rules.

Finally, there's the MSOG/MPOS; Multiple Shots on Goal, Multiple Positions. I just find these ones kind of dumb, personally. Of course if you're staying for over 60 minutes of pleasure, there will be both. I'm not sure how I feel about my vag being compared to either a goalie's glove OR a hockey net...So let's say it like this. When you are visiting with me, if you are up to 3 orgasms, then 3 you shall have! If you prefer to hold off and have one real blast off after you've worn me out, that's OK too! I have one or two favourite gentlemen who enjoy seeing how many times they can bring me to climax in 90 minutes before it's my turn to return the favour. As for multiple positions...well. Yeah! Do I have names for them all? Hell, no. But I'm bendy. And imaginative.

And horny.

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  1. Bobcat boy's Avatar
    Well put my friend!
  2. Ms Erica Phoenix's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bobcat boy
    Well put my friend!
    Well thanks!
  3. badbadboy's Avatar
    "Someone linked her escort web page to her FB - Accidentally"

    Accidents like that are designed to hurt someone and are never accidents.

    I think that is really low to do that or put it on the other infamous hurtful place.

    Of course these people always do these things anonymously.

    Otherwise, interesting blog post.