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I have been toying with the idea for some time that I would offer gentlemen the chance to block for longer sessions. Presently, I seem to be attracting the sort of clientele that deserves such opportunities and would relish the experience.

Instead of a simple hour, in the Extended Erica Experience, we can enjoy up to FOUR HOURS of each other's company and time. We can spend that time in virtually unrestricted mutual exploration of interests and pleasures; we can cuddle and caress; snack and dine; lick, nibble, fondle and fuck! Then we can rest, or shower, or both, until it's time to go again! Whether you like mornings, afternoons or evenings, an extended experience is the sort of treat for the senses you might expect to find with a much higher price tag attached. I assure you, it is an exceptional value and I provide exceptional customised service.

The Ultimate Erica experience? Overnight (up to 12 hours) of redhead goodness (and naughtiness) and only available to preapproved gentlemen that have seen me before.
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