Who owns a thread...? (too bad it had to come to this)

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[QUOTE=VanessaofBC;1463876][QUOTE=Miss Melody;1463875]Wait a minute, wait a minute STOP THE TRAIN.

Your interactions with me were friendly or positive? Like you're some ray if sunshine in all our lives?

[B]Posting PM's is against the rules here, but I don't think I even need to show the horrible unprovoked things you've said[/B], for anyone to understand the first half of this post.[/QUOTE]


[QUOTE]2. If a member asks you not to contact them anymore accept that. If you receive unwanted PM's, first ask the person to stop, then use the ignore feature and report harassment to the moderators.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Stop contacting me or interacting me in any way. I am making it public record. I will return the favour[/COLOR][/QUOTE]
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