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MY Underwear Addiction

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Hi I'm Erica, and I'm an underwear addict.

I think it all started when I began to realise how much my body had changed. I came to understand that I didn't have to wear a size 38DD industrial bra and granny panties anymore. After being so heavy for so much of my adult life, my inner skinny girl was finally in sync with my slender body! It took a while to realise that now the fat girl is the inner, the slender woman is the reality. I met some kind and generous gentlemen who brought me La Senza gift cards as gratuities or generously tipped to allow me to go out and purchase a set of lingerie in a different colour. When I go lingerie shopping now, I go with particular clients in mind often. I think...

"Ohhhh...I know who's going to like this rather virginal looking white set...this black one is kind of sexy; someone I know will love that...and one particular sweetie just wants to see me in something that makes me feel incredibly sexy...."

Many happy returns to all