Who owns a thread...?

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[QUOTE=VanessaofBC;1463574][QUOTE=Vanesssa;1463550]Exactly! It is a PUBLIC forum nd makes NO sense to try to control who posts in what threads. people can post where they like so long as they are not aiming at insulting someone. If you don't want people to post in your threads, then don't create threads. If you get that worked up about an online sex industry forum then maybe you should not partake...[/QUOTE]
Good advice for everyone involved Vanessssa. Thank you very much for this and you can be assured that I am genuine when I say that I will be sure to take this advice to heart before posting.
That being said and with the New Year upon us I hope it is something [U][I]everyone[/I][/U] can adhere to going forward and we should use your post as quoted above as reference for those who fall outside the guidelines.

Perhaps not everyone has the same sense of humour but if you feel you have unnecessarily been the butt of jokes, than simply request an apology and hope it does not happen again or as you said in another post, address it with susie. I am sure not everything comes from a place of malice. [/COLOR][/QUOTE]
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