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Yes, it's a bad habit, but sometimes I just cannot help myself.

I love to's so retro 90s, and that's my happy place. I'll chat here, I'll chat on ad sites, I'll chat anywhere I can find a chatroom with at least one other person in it. Not to 'drum up business', because I'd like to think that my ads, reviews and pics are sufficient unto that purpose, but because I genuinely enjoy COMMUNICATING with other people.

That being said, it does mean that I get lots of inquiries about what sorts of roleplay scenarios, etc. I like, and what kind of outfits I have, and the like. I can be slow to catch on at times, but I have crafted what I think is the perfect polite response that still conveys the meaning "Are you kidding me dude?" As I have said before, the world is a nasty enough place without ME unleashing my Inner Bitch unless a) I'm getting paid to, or b) something REALLY pisses me off!

Here it is:
I don't discuss elaborate scenarios etc. in chat...because then I get guys who chat, book, and don't show up or call to cancel after they are done whacking off! Can you imagine anything so rude? :O

I JUST used that line on a chatwanker whose ***List name stands out in my memory as having tried this gig on at least 3 times!!! But he's a bit thick, apparently, because the 420 fun he likes to have is clearly affecting his memory. He asks the same things every time and now, I have my perfectly worded response.

Much affection to one and all,
Ms Erica

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