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Advice on proper review etiquette and information.

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I think first and foremost the review needs to be more respectful to the lady than just a blow by blow tale of position conquests and number of orgasms she obviously had because you are a king of detection in that field. Sure you could go ahead and say everything you did but why air all the laundry. But how juvenile does that end up coming across. The success of a session shouldn't be measured by the amount of positions you managed to rattle off but whether your needs for a session were met. Yours and the next guy's wants may be different. Your gold medal performance may not be seen the same by the next guy. Personally I know my wants are not the same as what I read from others but that's fine when I book with a lady I'm going there for a session tailored to my wants not someone else's menu. I like to state if it was as advertised to me and if I was treated as expected or if it was not so great or even a total waste of time. I think that is how contents are presented best not as a list of your prowess or an opportunity to lambaste someone.
As for time. Some rush home to write something but I've seen others doing a list that may have been over the course of several weeks, months even.
I like this. A lot. I'd prefer to be reviewed on my own merits than on some subjective numerical scale...

Did I meet/exceed your expectations in terms of my service? My attitude? My looks? Imagination/creativity? Flexibility? Wardrobe?

Did you find my directions easy to follow? I hope so, because I cringe a little if someone tells me they knocked on the wrong door...