Just a quickie (yeah, right) - ***One of my first well received posts. ***

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I hate to bring this up but I have to ask.

Why do guys come in and pay for a quickie then say "it takes a while for me to get it up"?

This happened to me today, so I said;

"Well then maybe you should take a hh session, there is less pressure and you won't feel as rushed."

"No, no. If it comes to that I will pay more."

Guys, the idea of a quickie 15min session means you are red hot horny and ready to go NOW! These are the men who walk in with a hard on, get straight to the action and then we each go on with our day. I love it. But to inform me upon arrival that you have "trouble" getting a hard-on!!!! I do not want to take your money from you only to have you feel ripped off 14min later when you have not cum yet.

If you have any type of ED, then "quickies" are NOT for you. Sorry.

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