Why I chose to be DNR (more great comments)

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Right on to Saigon baby! I was pretty flattered by most of my reviews...then again I honestly have external validation issues I need to address. I've been blackmailed with the whole "I'll spread shit about you unless you agree to X", but considering I'm totally dense when it comes to whether or not people are talking about me until I'm put before a tribunal for witchcraft or something, I just assume there's someone out there talking shit about me all the time.

[B]I'm definitely a "character", I'm definitely not one of the herd...and this pisses some people off. I get people that LOVE me and people that LOATHE me, but that's life though I figure[/B].[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Now those are words of wisdom, Roxanne, I will keep that in mind![/COLOR][/QUOTE]
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