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Domonique @ CCE

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Quite by chance I had the opportunity to visit this pretty lady on her second day at CCE. She was highly recommended by another SP at CCE who was unable to see me so on her recommendation I had a 1/2 hr visit with Domonique.

Well that was a great recommendation and my only regret was it was only a half hr visit. Domonique is tall, very pretty, lovely tanned skin, flawless, no tats or piercings that I saw and awsome breasts with very stimulating nipples. Her best feature is her smile and personalitty and willingness to please all during my visit. Being new on the job and our first visit she requested that we not do DATY this time , so although this was a disappointment I agreeded so as not to make her uncomfortable. Nevertheless we had a great visit. She's very good and I look forward to another visit soon. Don't miss an opportunity to see this lady! She reminds me a lot of Niomi who worked there briefly a few months ago, tall but more tanned than Niomi was but the same willingness to make her client happy.
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