Why I chose to be DNR - (favourite comments so far!!)

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[QUOTE=VanessaofBC;1461611][QUOTE=1nitestan;1461609]And if a review has such comments vs. what's stated in your website, then people will know the review is bullshit. It kinda takes care of itself so you actually don't have to worry about it too much.[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="#FF0000"]Thank you stan. That is nice of you to say but I am a worrier, it is just my nature!!! I have no problem if someone wants to write a review I will certainly use it on my website and in my next ad, but I do not see the need for my review (and myself) to be scrutinized on a public board. [/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[COLOR="#FF0000"][B][SIZE=4]*** Scrutinized and Dissected!!![/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]
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