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Karmen at CCE

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Ok, I have a new ATF and her name is Karmen. I love spinners and had been trying to book with her for some time before the stars finally aligned recently.
I find her to be awesome. Just awesome.
Her face is beautiful. CCE's website calls her a stunning Italian beauty but for some reason I had glossed over that. Upon meeting her, I thought perhaps she had South Asian in her ethnic mix--beautiful dark eyes. She's tiny. Her ass is great. It's the ass you see in lulu lemons at the mall that you shouldn't be looking at, boys. She tans and her skin is golden brown.
She's orally talented. Add that to those pretty eyes looking up at you and you will not last long. She has lots on the menu. Daty, digits, I almost lost it when, in the throes of a hot and heavy 69, she stops and says, "Hey, do you like getting your balls licked?" I'm almost losing it now at the thought. Good times!
So her service was in my eyes, excellent. I really enjoyed her attitude and her looks are, to me, stunning. Great girl!
Recommend: YES
Repeat: YES

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