Playful Alex and more!

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It has been a while since I went the FS route, as an older man my days of "activity" are
Anyway, booked a session with Alex, upped what I wanted on the way there so what followed was
quite wonderful. As soon as I arrived we started on the playful stuff, lovely warm kisses and me remembering what a woman
feels like to touch, and oh boy did I touch, We ended up on the wonderful king sized bed, lots of fun there, 69 and then a
CBJ finish for me.

Brief break for fresh squeezed OJ, and onto what I thought was going to be a gentle massage..ha! This lady sure knows her
way around the male anatomy, pretty soon she was slipping on a cover for our second outing, she road me with great passion,
and my second coming was a miracle! Well it was, lol.

Anyway, it was a wonderful session, I have know idea how she got me to
have 2 orgasms in 90 minutes, maybe the OJ?? In between and interlaced with this was chat about life situations, mine is complicated. She was a
wise and compassionate listener and sent me on my way with many things to ponder, not just having 2 shots at my tender age.

Alex is a treat for those looking for experience and connection, a definite repeat....

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