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  1. Do you know who makes the rules?

    [QUOTE=VanessaofBC;1420165][QUOTE][B][SIZE=4]Do you know who makes the rules? [/SIZE]

    As sportsmen, it is absolutely imperative that in all of the sports we engage, we, without hesitation, play by the rules ......

    We take care to understand the rules, we discuss the rules amongst ourselves and we study the rules .....

    And as citizens, we must follow the rule of law for so many things we do every day.

    But just in case you have ...
  2. Office Blues try this game - B.C. photographer's "Fallen Princesses"

    [QUOTE=VanessaofBC;1420664]SOURCE: [url][/url]

    [QUOTE]A series of images from Vancouver photographer, Dina Goldstein, is creating quite a buzz online. Goldstein, a conceptual artist with a background in documentary photography, creates visual series that "place the mundane and everyday in unusual settings to inspire insight into the human condition."

    "'Fallen Princesses' is ...
  3. You had me at "Bill Murray"

    1:30 & 2:25, best moments.

    What are your favourite Bill Murray moments/scenes?. Because imo, he is fkcen hilarious.:pound:[/COLOR][/QUOTE]
  4. What Real Men Look Like In Underwear Ads

    [QUOTE=VanessaofBC;1434572]SOURCE: [url][/url]

    [QUOTE]What Real Men Look Like In Underwear Ads

    You know how incredibly sexy David Beckham looks in those underwear ads? Well, the Sun flips those images on its head with a photo shoot of real men posing in the similar set ups. The question ...
  5. C-string makes your average thong look like grannypants (NSFW)

    [QUOTE=VanessaofBC;1420901]SOURCE: [url][/url]

    [QUOTE][SIZE=4]C-string makes your average thong look like grannypants[/SIZE] (NSFW)
    By Loz Blain
    November 15, 2009

    Does this fit under our 'emerging technology' tagline? It's hard to say. It's certainly emerging from somewhere. Ladies, if ...
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