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  1. Brandy is Back! Sexy Busty Blond

    After a long break one of our favorite companions is available.

    Sexy Busty Blond playmate with a centerfold type body and porn star personality!

    I am sweet, sensual, and polite. The perfect choice for upscale gentlemen, curious couples, ...
  2. Taylor 20 years. NEW Blond Model

    Taylor is available tonight!

    New to the business.
    She's a classy college girl type with a beautiful face, amazing body, and great personality.

    See More Photos: Taylor's photos

    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 108 lbs

  3. I love this hobby

    Where else can one have so much fun with willing, caring partners two hours at a time?

    You make the plan, meet for the date, warmly greet each other, flirt, kiss, touch and enjoy all the sensory overload for the entire time agreed upon.

    It doesn't get any better for me anyways.

    Quote Originally Posted by badbadboy View Post
    Last date with a Civvy was 2011.
    Last FWB was 2015.
    I had hopes for either to have worked out but never seemed to get to that point.
  4. An Escortís Review: Nanaimo

    [QUOTE=Ms Erica Phoenix;1679965]An Escortís Revie: Nanaimo

    I love Nanaimo. Itís a rough & tumble city, as most port cities are (or used to be!). I think as a tourism destination, it might be BCís best kept secret! As a deep-water port, Nanaimo has a long history for this part of the country. The Hudsonís Bay Company built the Nanaimo Bastion in 1853, a year after the discovery by Europeans of rich coal deposits in the area. That brought the first boom to the boomtown! I had ...
  5. Tiffany love in Vc

    HI I'm new to this site and I wanted to know the ropes,
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