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  1. Phony booking epidemic

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    Have I just pissed someone off again, or are other SPs noticing an increase in phony bookings too? I am averaging 1 per day lately, & it's getting tiresome, to say the least. I have taken 10 days off this month & you don't get sick leave with this gig. Some of us aren't working OTHER jobs so we can afford the latest in luxuries; we are providing for our family & hoping to pay rent on time!

    Phony bookings hurt everyone. They make me less trustful of new clients trying
  2. Lady Addison/Mistress ViXiE SASS

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    Do you ever see a girl on the street and think ďHOLY ****Öshe must be takenÖ.Ē

    I get that a lot. I feel embarrassed when a man walks into something because he was staring at meÖ.

    Iím educated and (somewhat) talented in the arts. I have experience in all areas of society and business. My life experiences have made me the woman I am today. I am fit, strong, active, healthy, clean, fun, positive and always looking for a good quality friendship. I enjoy helping people
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  3. 2017 PERB Year In Review

    girth-brooks 2017 Year in review

    SPs I saw in 2017:

    1 Marissa Fox (2x)
    2 Brianna Rayne
    3 Lyla 3538 (13x)
    4 Lolita Star*
    5 Skyler Mack (3x)
    6 Lyaa xo (Visiting from Montreal)
    7 Nivea 3538*
    8 Desiray
    9 Adriana Luxx (Visiting from Toronto)
    10 Veronica 3538
    11 Chanel Charms
    12 Gemma*
    13 Sasha Nat (2x)
    14 Sweet Adelaide Jones
    15 Vivien Vixen 3538
    16 Alisha 3538

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  4. Dnr

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    If I recall correctly, a DNR is ignored if there are consistently negative reviews of an SP who may have:

    • Bait and switched
    • Fake or stolen pictures
    • Part of a Shill operation
    • Did not provide services as previously agreed upon
    • Part of a rip off operation
    • Consistently sub par poor or time wasting type service.

    So mostly all the things that concern pooners are allowed if the SP falls into these categories. All positive reviews are pulled if DNR.
  5. Five Years On PERB - What Iíve Learned

    Itís hard to believe that I have been online with this website for 5 years now. When I first got in to seeing SPs, I admittedly didnít know what I was getting into. Was it going to be a now and then thing? Would I see a few and that would be the end of it? Quite honestly, itís been life changing. I have learned a lot about women, I have learned a lot about myself, and now I am not sure if there is any turning back. I've been reflecting a lot lately and wanted to blog a few things that people on ...

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