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  1. The justify the new rates blog.

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    Thanks for pointing that out. That will save many a trip who have already seen her. So do the service change so much to warrant a steep rate hike? I just don't get it. Many SPs, as soon as they go Indy start charging much more than with agencies. I understand that they have to manage everything themselves but they also keep everything. Bottom line is what is in it for hobbyists?
    There really is no comparison going from an agency where the agency may keep up to half of the donation
  2. Pretty stockings. Discreet escape. Elegant encounters.

    Just pretend you could escape and slip into my private room.
    Close your eyes and imagine, until you feel the soft delicate touch of a woman.
    She's attractive, ...
  3. Review: Harley Fox

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    That is a great review thanks. I wanted to meet up with her wish I had taken the chance sounds like you really enjoyed yourself.
  4. New to Perb

    Hi! I'm Ali! I'm new to Perb and diving right in to try and figure this out! I currently live in Iowa, but I love to travel and do so every chance I get! I'm going to be in Vancouver on Wednesday 5/2-4, then Victoria 5/5-6! This is my first trip to British Colombia and I am beyond excited! I have talked to several people who have all told me that Vancouver is their favorite city in the entire world! I hope to make it mine, too!!

    Being my first time in town, I would love a personal ...
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