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  1. 2019 Visits

    I mostly visited SP Iíve previously seen and for a number of years such as Daphnee, Sydney and Sophie. I totally recommend all the ladies on the list. A couple of new ones to me being Emma and Sabrine. Great times!

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    2019 was an interesting year seeing some of my all time fav SPís and being in some sugar baby arrangements. The visits with the SPís were all great dates while the SBís had mixed results.

    It was the year of repeats quite a few times with
  2. Client Hygiene

    by , 01-26-2020 at 01:05 PM (Client Ettiequte and Tips)
    We as providers put so much time and energy into making sure that weíre showered and well- maintained so we just ask if you were to do a little bit for us in return(nothing too crazy!)
    If youíve never heard of manscaping then I suggest you look it up, in short form itís either shaping your pubic hair or just simply trimming it. Itís both more sanitary and polite to do so.
    Wearing deodorant(because everyone sweats) is a must and a spritz of cologne is ...
  3. Seeing a provider for the first time(client etiquette)

    by , 01-26-2020 at 12:51 PM (Client Ettiequte and Tips)
    Seeing a provider for the first time is both exhilarating and terrifying. First before even booking the provider that you have chosen, you should search her name + the last four digits of her number to verify that other people have seen her and thatís sheís not a waste of time.
    Now you're here, youíre at her building. Donít dress too casual or too flashy, just dress normal(or if youíre coming from work just stay in your work clothes. Next please donít hang around the building or the entrance- ...
  4. 2019 PERB Unofficial Hiatus

    Normally I do a bit Year In Review but unfortunately 2019 was a weird year for me. I travelled a lot, had to address some issues in my personal life, and had some health problems to deal with as well (Nothing serious or contagious!) So, even though I can never see myself fully retiring from the hobby, I have to limit it, at least until I have my life back the way I like it.

    I did happen to see:

    1 Pixxie 6456 (2x)
    2 Lyla 6456
    3 Feather 6456 (2x)
  5. Gorgeous All Natural 34G Companion

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    Available this week!
    Available this week
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