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11-28-2004, 01:36 AM
Ok, Im on a roll here with my second back to back post.... First off, I have to admit that I have a huge bias, since I just came from spending awhile in Montreal, the "land 'o' plenty" of sexual desire. Anyway, I am used to top notch women giving 35 to 40 doller half hour, and 50 to 60 doller hour massages in places where each room has it's own shower! The places have real massage beds and all sorts of women who barely speak english! I was spoiled I guess. Of course at those prices a guy would tip a 20 on top of the service, but those were the days. Anyway, compare this to the crap I've been running into out here!!!

Guys, you must avoid the one who calls herself Gorgia from ER. What a horrible experience! Again, just in case the name is switched I am putting an APB out on this girl. She claims that she is 23 Vancouver. She is tall and slim with dirty blond hair that she had up. Apparently she said she is on their new website. Anyway, she has B cup boobs and seems nice...AT FIRST!!!

So here's the low down of what went down! I get to ER's shack and was greeted by "Gorgia" and was told to get comfortable after I gave her the donation. I strip down... I get on the bed... I wait for about five minutes.... She comes in and she starts to make small talk.... She asked question after question about what I do, where Im from... This is fine, but it went a bit overboard. Anyway, the massage itself was pretty mediocre. Nothing special. Im used to being teased between the legs, and I guess they don't push those skills here. So, throughout the message she is asking me questions, and then 15 minutes in she asks me what I do for fun.... I give some vauge reply, and then I ask her the same question. She says, "flip over and I'll show ya". Ok, cool. So I flip and then she pulls out a condom. Im thinking "Is she gonna give me some sort of CBJ on the house?" Nopr. She puts it on me and then grabs some oil and proceeds to give me a tug with a condom on. Now I have been to quite a few massage parlors and I have NEVER had to wear a condom. So, I tell her that this has never happened to me before. She acts (and a weak attempt at acting too), surprised and says, "Well you must have been with SKANKY CHICKS then which is all the more reason that you should wear a condom so that I don't catch any fatal diseases in case I have any cuts on my hand." WHAT??? Not only did this totally dystroy the mood, but the nerve of her to try and make me seem like the foolish, dirty one. What a bag. So I try to salvage my thoughts together to shoot my load. I rub her leg abit towards her coochie and she says "Don't even think about it with the amount of money you spent". Holy crap... A simple "no" would have sufficed. I got the feeling that she was an uptight and got off by ruining my time. The session lasted 25 minutes and I would totally never go back!

Watch out for this one boys.
L/ 7, A/ 4, S/2.

11-28-2004, 01:53 AM
A is for attitude correct? and she gets a 4? (< isn't that a little high?)

11-28-2004, 04:05 AM
Yeah, Im trying to give her the benefit of the doubt....In all actuality, A=0.....


11-28-2004, 04:07 AM
I realize this post should solely be in the massage section, but I know they do FS there too, so I thought I'd share my experience here too....buyer beware fellas!

Mr. Monday
11-28-2004, 09:58 AM
SS, I totally sympathize. I used to adore Georgia, she is one of the prettiest girls in the business with a lithe hard body, great legs and ass, lovely long blonde hair.
Something has gone wrong and I saw it coming when she came back to E&R after a year of absence. During my last 2 visits I tolerated the chj because of her past good record. The rest of the experiece, unfortunately, was also sub-standard - a long wait in the room (deducted from my time), a 10 minute half-hearted massage and a holier than thou attitude.
Georgia - time for a career change babe. I loved you but Georgia is no longer on my mind.

Georgia Peach
12-17-2004, 06:29 PM
S.S. tugboat- From the perspective of someone exactly your own age(23), $30 in my pocket is not, and never will be enough to perform any sexual favor without protection. The red inflamed bumps that lined the entirety of your shaft didn't scare me, but after our session I was dry-heaving for about 10 mins. Seimen is clear or off white you know. Your pre-cum, or (dap-daps) as we ladies call it was truly not right, hence the triggering of my gag reflex. See you doctor to prevent your potentially infectious cock from harming any of my friends. I am not accustomed to foreign wages, and I do speak English. I could see the dissappointment in your eyes when I responded to your francais with francais. Not dumb enough, hey. I had my pussy pierced that day-literally. So why are you complaining about not bieng permitted to grab at my vagina during our t-o-p-l-e-s-s session. While having the hood of my clit, on my tight little pussy was relatively painless, free extras are for special regulars only-not you. I am not dumb enough for you-or, is it as dumb AS you. hahaha. When you were whining about your girlfriend dumping you in Montreal- I don't appologize for not sucking you off for free to make you feel better. NOT! I guess because we are the same age, and I am but a lowly desperate escort-I probablly should have been drawn to you 120lb overweight self.- not happening pal. Thanks for the 7/10 in the looks dep. though. My nails were the only thing on th up that day. So, according to you superior ranking scale, I'd be about a 13/10 on a day that I actually tried. -a horrible time???-You sure weren't saying that while you were orgasiming. It is no wonder that you are better off with ESL escorts. I would have kept all this embarassing info to myself, but you pissed me off. I understand a lot of people read this, so I will use perb as an opportunity to tell th truth. I am essentially addicted to sex, and am one open-minded gal. In fact, I will do almost anything with my clients: but-''you gotta pay to play'' cheapo. Also, I am not desperate for money, and I do prefer clients without personality disorders. I was simply talking as an attempt to reach out. I understand no woman wants a venerial disease, so you must be one lonely, hairy guy. I like my job, and I always wanna have fun. "Watch out for this one boys"-If you're a boy-not a man-save your $-I'm not the right escort for you. P.S. I would have responded sooner if spyware hadn't taken over my computer-I noticed your thread the next day. You are the reason that I am a perb member. I have worked in Vic. for 4yrs, and never felt the need before you.-not a compliment.-at all. You're entire thread is contradictory.
I am 99.998% positive who you are, and I am sorry that you no longer adore or love me. I reccomend Taryn-E&R's newest addition. Perhaps she or one of our other several beautiful and friendly women can better suit your needs. Have a Merry Christmas. I'm sure you're travelling somewhere as you usually do @ this time of year. Bye bye.
From Georgia of Escape & Relax

Georgia Peach
12-17-2004, 06:40 PM
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I am complimented on a daily basis for my massaging abilities. Not a day @ wrk. goes by in which somebody does not tell me how strong my hands are. My deep-tissue, and light touch massages according to most of my clients (rep. or not) are amazing. This man told me yesterday that I am what inspires artists.

12-17-2004, 06:49 PM
ofcourse this is just my opinion but pesonally attacking your client is totally uncalled for as is releasing personal info..and personal info includes parts of one's personal life !! This has got to be one of the most unprofessional posts from a sp that I have seen. if you want to stand up for yourself that is one thing but to just out and out insult the man is just useless. Explain your side, you bet..but IMHO you basically crossed the line and accusing him of having a std in open forum when you are certainly NOT qualified is way over the line. even if you were qualified to do so it would be inappropriate on this board to do!!

ps..SS..we don't have very many rub and tug places althouogh there are some indys, Lucy comes to mind who is well reviewed..

although I normally go for full svc anyway ;)

12-17-2004, 08:36 PM
HEY! I don't know... she got "dissed" pretty good Chuck... not that that is bad either if it's true, but let's face it, she has nothing to lose on that one. I'd be more likely to see her AFTER her post to be honest [not that I'm running over there!].

And HIP will probably be over there tomorrow after this little hint of advertising:

""In fact, I will do almost anything with my clients: but-''you gotta pay to play'' cheapo.""

GRRRRRRRR!! Nice post Peach! I"m 1/2 tempted to come over there with a full wallet!!


12-17-2004, 11:03 PM
Originally posted by BillyC
HEY! I don't know... she got "dissed" pretty good Chuck... not that that is bad either if it's true, but let's face it, she has nothing to lose on that one. I'd be more likely to see her AFTER her post to be honest [not that I'm running over there!].

And HIP will probably be over there tomorrow after this little hint of advertising:

""In fact, I will do almost anything with my clients: but-''you gotta pay to play'' cheapo.""

GRRRRRRRR!! Nice post Peach! I"m 1/2 tempted to come over there with a full wallet!!


don't think you're getting it..I'm not saying she shouldn't defend herself..but attacking him by the std accusation and posting personal info is a breach of confidence between client and sp.(which goes both ways generally speaking) .what is talked about in a session regarding ones personal life, STAYS in a session !!

Hip's Cheap and Easy so what do ya expect..lol ;)

Hipster Doofus
12-17-2004, 11:58 PM
And HIP will probably be over there tomorrow after this little hint of advertising:

I already get it all....Why do I want more for?

but I've always said - you can get whatever you want. You just need to make the "right" offer.

Mr. Monday
12-22-2004, 05:36 PM
Georgia Peach, Merry Christmas to you too. I'll give Taryn a try. PM me some time.


01-02-2005, 07:00 PM
Georgia you are a Peach….holy crap………….I would certainly hope that before I forked over any cash for a HJ… I was told that it would be covered. Really what’s the point I would sooner not be a pooner and take care of business myself. Chuck1561 I agree totally uncalled for!!!!!

01-03-2005, 03:28 AM
I understand and expected you to take offence to my post, but chill the hell out with the lies!!!!

Any serious pooners and or massage lovers who doubt me and believe this piece of work "georgia" need to give their head a shake. First of all, you know damn well I do not have any blemishes in the slightest that would suggest that I have an std. I mean what a low blow for honest report of sht service. As for my cum...Call me columbo, but how would you know what it looked like when I was wearing a fricken condom that you insisted I put on? Did ya turn it inside out an have a good ole peek after I left or what? Nice try.

As for 120 pounds over weight?? OK so at 5'11 I should weigh 90 lbs according to you? You are a piece of work. And adding some bunk info on "my so called personal life"... Nice touch, I gotta admit. Although, the personality disorder put it way over the top and might suggest to perb readers that you are exaggerating just a bit. I am glad to hear that you are qualified in so many areas of expertise though. Perhaps on the side, besides screwing and pulling ugly mens penis' and dishing out bull sht massages, you could open up you own medical/ physciatric clinic or somethin.
Boys, quite obviously, Im pissed off at georgias post, but I speak the truth... Georgia was horrible! Just use your rationale on this one... What have I got to gain by lying, and what does Georgia have to lose if she doesn't try to BS? I'll leave you to decide that.


01-03-2005, 03:41 AM
By the way.. Thanks for your insight Chuck...

02-14-2005, 02:53 PM
I also did a post a while back that got a lot of negative comments. I like to read both the good and the bad. When I do a review it is only for really good or really bad service fortunately my really good far outnumber the really bad. When i do really bad I outline exactly what I did not like and tell NO lies my general thinking being hey if it happened to me it could happen to you.I also dont care for replies with personal comments and replies that are obviously damage control.