View Full Version : OMG new GFE in Nanaimo

08-12-2004, 07:07 PM
Hi all,
What a treat for the mid-island pooners!! I e-mailed Leah @ Ladies & Lace to enquire about GFEs in mid island and was I in luck! Martina has just started only 2 weeks ago. She is part French Canadian part Cuban mid-late 20's 34-36, b/c, 24-26,36 and looks somewhat like a movie/tv star. I'll leave that up to you to figure out who when you see her. If you like intelligent and educated women she is it. She is very self confident and appears to enjoy very much some aspects of this job. This woman doesn't ask to be treated well she demands it. If all you want to do is throw some bag of bones and silicon onto the bed and jump aboard don't even consider Martina.
Now for the good stuff. Started with champagne and chocolates with some of my special cinnamon treat ( btw Azen still serves this the best ) then it was off to the races!! Martina and Vancouver Jodie must have gone to the same kissing school because their technique is identical which is a very good thing indeed.
Cont'd part 2 :D