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02-10-2003, 10:55 AM
Hi all--new to the board here

Can anyone suggest a good provider who does incalls in Nanaimo? My preference is 20-30yrs, classy, no-tatts types.

Or outcalls?

Also, there's a new massage place on the Old Highway, just south of downtown, near the Balmoral. Has anyone gone in?


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02-11-2003, 07:43 AM
I tried that place by the Balmoral, the girls were nice but the prices, for a moment I thought I was at some big time place in down town Vancouver.

02-11-2003, 10:33 AM
Who do you recommend there? I went in yesterday afternoon, and there were only two ladies on the clock. One was cute and asian, the other blonde and a little plump for my tastes. Neither turned my crank, so I left.

I'd like a nice, 'college-type' caucasian, preferably with few or no tattoos. So what am I doing in Nanaimo, right??

Maude, do you have any personal experience with Nicole, Gina, or Ladies 'n Lace? Anyone have any reviews?

By the way, that place near the Balmoral is called "Blue Moon". The website on their sign is www.bluemoon.ca, but it doesn't seem to exist.

02-11-2003, 10:43 AM
Has anyone seen "Abby" from Ladies 'n Lace?

02-11-2003, 11:38 AM
Nicole Lace and Gina Lee are both very charming and attractive ladies who travel about the island

Nicole tours regularly to Vancouver & Seattle and is highly regarded in both venues. I have not read an uncomplimentary revue of Nicole over the past year. She is of similar vintage to Jude, brunette, 30's, nicely enhanced and devilish emerald green eyes.

Gina Lee tours Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle. She is also a very charming and delightful lady whose companionship is quite enjoyable. She is a local Victoria favourite that I have known for approx one year. She offers sensualy oriented FS and/or FBSM. If you chose to see her in Victoria, she has a very nice in-call location in the downtown area.

It could be possible that you may be able to entice Paige Adams to Nanaimo. She is a most enjoyable lady who makes a terrific companion. (http://www.paigeadams.com/index.html). She lives in Victoria and tours Vancouver and Seattle regularly. Her hospitality is warm and friendly.

All of these ladies have reviews on TBD, TRB or TER.

As for Ladies n' Lace, Dana is the only lady that I have met to date. Dana is now independent and is on holidays in Cabo for the time being. However, my experience with Ladies 'n Lace was always amicable. Outcall only. I do recall some disinformation some time ago about the printed discription of the ladies . . . so recommendation was to select from ladies with photos ...


02-12-2003, 12:24 AM
Ok... SO I went back to Bluemoon this evening. Was greeted by three women, one in her late thirties, and two in their mid-to-late twenties. They were all nice enough, but none were my type. They were all bottle-blonde, kind of big-haired, and a little more ample then I like. Not unattractive, just not my speed.

So, I politely declined. Fair enough.

But, on my way out the door, one of them made a point of stating, in a bitchy tone of voice designed for me to hear, "what's up with THAT?!".

Well, just in case she happens to read this, here's "what's up with that". You're offering a service. I didn't like what you had to offer, so I decided not to take you up on your offer. Nothing personal, and all business. It isn't even really a reflection on you. I don't think your unattractive, but you're just not my type, and my entering into a business arrangement with you would have been a waste of my money. Nothing more, nothing less. I made a point of excusing myself tactfully, without even saying anything which would suggest I thought you were "too fat", "too trashy", or anything else I might have been thinking.

If you're going to be a masseuse/escort/courtesan/whatever, you are going to have to keep a civil tongue in your head, and grow a thicker skin. I meant you no harm, and respectfully, politely made my way out.

Your childish, unprofessional behaviour ensures that I will never visit Bluemoon again, and I will not have an opportunity to review it for any others who may be interested. In short, you have lost an exponential amount of potential business.

02-12-2003, 07:16 PM
Well done, well said!

She knows it is business on her end and should be able to accept the same from you.

You did the right thing by not saying anything on the way out. The statement regarding expotenial business is right on the money$$$! LMAO


Big Trapper
02-13-2003, 08:34 AM
Originally posted by Gina Lee
Patiently waiting for my fist https://perb.cc review!

Gina xoxo

Gina, you do fisting?


08-01-2003, 12:44 PM
Hello all.

New member with old habits

Visiting Vancouver Island, in need of asian delights.

Dont be fooled into thinking there is nothing in Nanaimo.

Visit "Island Body Works" 250-754-1845, ask for Madona , 2 green for 1hr, + 2 green for HJ, 4 green for nude bodyslide & HJ, 1 brown for nude bslide + fs, Better service if you take shower. See ad in nanaimo daily newspaper. late 30's, 5'4" tall, thin, D implants, likes to kiss, likes to be touched, really enjoys it when you dont just ly there.

visit "Noi" ask for Wan, 2 green, great massage, thought maybe that was all, flip over, rub balls, kiss the man, No talk of price, Asc, me on top, me behind, me explode, cleened up, massaged again and hj release. Asks what you think its worth. I being the generous kind and knowing i have had good service give her q brown. She happy says next time she skip massage and finish me off one more time. she is 24, 5'5" D cup. nice. Ad in same paper.

more to come

08-03-2003, 10:43 PM
Had a very good rub and tug from Meaghan a week or so back. CBJ, DATY (tasty!) also on the menu, but that's it.

Looks like a taller, possibly slimmer Gina Lee (hey girl, you got a sister that you're not telling us about?). Long red ringlets for hair, awesome brown eyes, good slim body. Extra tip, says she like girls too!

North side of the downtown area, an easy walk from pretty much anywhere downtown. Forget the number, but it's in the local daily paper.

A touch pricey for no fs, but not out of the acceptable range, and she's very easy on the eyes.