View Full Version : Megan - Nanaimo

05-27-2004, 08:16 PM
Had a session with Megan last week - she advertises as Sweet Island girls in Nanaimo paper. Saw me with short notice. works out of an apartment downtown.
As has been reported before - not beautiful re model material, but pleasant to look at. Great personality, friendly, made me feel at ease. She offers hj for 2 greens, nude hj for 3 greens(as far as I can remember), cbj for 4 greens and fs for 2 browns - plus massage "fee" of $10 (half hour)- $20 (one hour). I opted for cbj - mediocre massage, great cbj.
Overall a good experience, repeat? maybe - I think I will try Noi's Thai massage next - supposed to be good.
Megan said another girl works for her - Nadia?