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11-27-2002, 07:50 PM
Day 1 - Sage - Garden of Eden - Kelowna. Medium build brunette appears to be aged in mid to late 20s. Overall quite a looker 8.5/10.00. Believe she works mostly evenings. Firm C to D boobs may have been enhanced but nice job. Shaved puss - looked very sweet. Unfortunately DATY not available. CBJ. Sex in a couple of positions. Have to say things were a bit rushed and mechanical.

This was partly my fault as i only went for 30 mins session in the VIP room. This is a nice set up includes a big hot tub room and regular full size bed but after 15 min soak not much time for finale. Recommend 60 mins in VIP to allow time for tub and leisurely FS. There are a couple of regular rooms with just massage tables for lower rate.

Overall studio very nicely finished and classy. Entrance is fairly discrete like a townhouse but in a row of downtown commercial buildings however just outside of downtown and you walk in right off the sidewalk. O.K. in the evening but during the day locals or the shy retiring types might find visibility a bit uncomfortable.

Gather they generally have two to three ladies on day & evening shifts and punters can have their pick if they want to wander in to meet the ladies.

Notwithstanding my observation about going for 60 mins for a less rushed session would probably not repeat with this particular lady. She is very attractive and service was acceptable but just too professional (in the sense of pretty impersonal, got the feeling of a provider who is getting by on her looks and probably a bit jaded. I believe she mentioned also that she had moved from Van. to the interior and also could be a bit of the big city attitude vs smaller city).

In any event studio is very nice and certainly worth checking out some of the other ladies which i did on the return leg of my sojourn and will report on later.

To be continued....

12-08-2002, 06:27 PM
Continuation of my earlier post .....sorry about the delay

Did actually get out on to the island and have an opportunity to see several ladies.

First night was at Classy Ladies. Think there must have been a mix up with the receptionist as I arrived expecting to see Monique, but she had left an hour earlier. Was taken to one of the rooms by Brittnay and she talked me into staying ;) .

Brittnay seemed quite friendly. Perhaps a trifle young. Fairly voluptuos body type. Cleanly shaved pussy - but again DATY not on the menu - a disappointment.

Was enthusiastic with FS. Didnt quite ring the bell hard enough for me to personally revisit but certainly acceptable service.

Overall appearance/attitude/service 7/7.5/7.

Would make a comment about the location but I gather that move has already occured and would be a bit superfluous at this point.

12-08-2002, 06:55 PM
Next day gave Seduction Unlimited a shot

Saw Taylor who has a page on the website. Will comment on this location. Second floor commercial - that seems a vaguely disguised low end office. One decent sizable room with bed and a couple of others smaller. One room has big internal window into the room next door but with a sheet or some such tacked up. Normally studios do not make me ill at ease but have to say this was a bit disconcerting. Fortunately we moved to the large room.

This is probably a superfluos comment here as well, but location I recall from a year ago - nice spacious bachelor apt close to downtown was much better.

Taylor seemed older than advertised believe 27 yrs. Trim enough body with heavy studio tan. I prefer the natural look. Have to say vibe here again was a pro. i.e. definitely not the GFE type and no extras on the menu. Appearance/attitude/service 6/6/6

12-28-2002, 02:21 PM
Did have some more info to post to complete my report but at current rate wont be till next summer. So brevity will hopefully allow finishing this thread.

Saw Nikita at Escape and Relax. Nice girl next door type. Long blond hair, quite young. Voluptuous body type, not super busty although what she has is very pert and appealing and all natural say a C cup. My best characterization of Nikita would be as a really healthy country girl. Has some discrete pics on the E/R website.

Went for Bodyrubplus which is massage with bodyslide type of contact for conclusion of session. I believe officially this is the limit of service for ladies at this studio i.e. no FS however unofficially believe some ladies may have larger menu. Was quite satisfied with Nikita though. Initially impression is that she is a little reserved but chatting through session definitely got more friendly. I was little tired given the later time of the session and earlier activities but Nikita was patient and persistent in bringing matters at hand to a very satisfactory conclusion.

Would recommend and revisit with proviso to punters that the lack of FS not dealbreaker for them, certainly wasnt for me.

Rating/appearance/attitude/service ..... 7.5/8.0/7.0

12-28-2002, 03:17 PM
Next lady was Terran back at Classy Ladies. According to Website she is 28 yrs. A slim brunette. Photos are accurate. Definitely the highlight of my trip. It became clear after brief chat that Terran is a very intelligent lady with some ambitious educational goals and I wish her every success. Session with her seemed to have a natural flow. I find her body type very attractive. Slim and petite, all natural except completely clean shaven pussy which was visually a turn on. She generously favoured me with some dining. What sweet ambrosia. Energetic but calm FS with various positions engaged in.

Had to have more of this lovely lady and scheduled a repeat session two days later. Terran greeted me happily and gave me even more of what made our first meeting so enjoyable. I was sorry our time had to end but she wished me a safe journey home. I hope to get back to Victoria very early in the New Year and crossing my fingers that her schedule will let allow me see her again.

Rating Appearance/Attitude/Service 9.0/9.0/9.0

12-28-2002, 04:59 PM
With you all the way in regards to Terran. I saw her twice last spring, and hope that our schedules mesh again soon. A delightful gal.

12-28-2002, 06:32 PM
Have promised myself this report will be finished this year so Id better pick up the the pace.

Also at Classy saw Gillian, Jenny and Kayla.

Gillian also a more mature lady around 30 I believe. Very attractive in more mature way. Dark brunette/red head. Also has lovely natural pair of D cuppers but overall package still very trim, not slender, but nicely proportioned. Whispered sweet nothings to me while she rode me like a real cowgirl.

Rating//Appearance/attitude/service........ 8.0/8.0/8.0

Jenny is younger again say 21/22 very slim, almost too slim verging on skinny. Has some fairly significant art work across one shoulder - no problem for me, but some dont like. See photos on web site. Also has a tongue stud. I think she is more a B vs. C claimed but I have no complaints. Was quite active in session and overall satisfactory.

Rating//Appearance/attitude/service........ 7.0/7.5/7.5

Kayla is also a young one just 19. Also slim but has a real schoolgirl body. Small bust - only A cups but on her these little buds seem just right and quite hot. I gather she has been fending for herself for several years and despite her youth she already has a bit of an edge not totally hardened or cynical but quite businesslike. Nevetheless very energetic and seemed to truly enjoy FS or is a good actress.

Rating//Appearance/attitude/service........ 8.0/8.0/8.0

12-28-2002, 07:32 PM
At Seductions also saw Maysa and Chloe.

Maysa advertised as 28 year old but would have to say that this at least 10 yrs south of the truth. Believe photos are her on website but they quite flattering. This lady in the flesh is definitely very well travelled (in a metaphorical sense). Gather she is from Montreal but doing some travelling (in the literal sense). She did enquire as to what my fantasies were and came through with the necessary service, Im so ashamed with myself, but would pass on another visit.

Appearance/attitude/service 5.0/7.0/7.5.

Chloe was with CL but with Seductions when I met her. I gather from current ladies listing she has returned as Chantal at CL. Quite a young lady but a little too full figured for my taste. Overall OK. Probably wouldnt revisit.

Appearance/attitude/service 6.0/7.0/7.0.

12-28-2002, 07:44 PM
General overall observation from the CL and Seductions experiences would have to on balance call CL clear winner in terms of calibre of ladies, service etc.

On my planned imminent revisit to Victoria (hopefully) will try for a session with a couple of the independents i.e. the infamous Tawny. Jude, Gia.

Crossing my fingers.

Look for Island Pooning Extravaganza THE SEQUEL ...coming to a Bulletin Board near you soon.



01-26-2003, 11:20 AM
Time to update my posting with the log of my recent early new year follow up visit to the lovely jewelled isle. Will use a new thread for easier reference purposes.

How about Island Extravaganza......The Sequel